Lawmate PV900FHD Review

Lawmate PV900FHD


Attention hidden camera lovers, Lawmate has just released its PV900FHD 1080p HD Cell Phone Smart Phone Recorder DVR, which is an improvement on its predecessor PV-900 EVO model. For more information about this new spycam DVR by Lawmate, please read on.

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Monitoring your home, office, or any other space sometimes require a bit of stealth. It’s not something that we like to think about, but we’ve all heard or seen example where people have uncovered illegal or otherwise unacceptable activity by employees, “friends,” or other people whom they trusted – all with hidden cameras.  These facts most likely would not never have been uncovered if a surveillance camera were installed in plain view instead.

Well, Lawmate, a leading manufacturer of enforcement-grade hidden/spy surveillance equipment, has recently revamped and bettered its last hidden camera cell phone DVR (the PV900 EVO) – we are talking about their new Lawmate PV900FHD 1080p HD Cell Phone Smart Phone Recorder DVR.

The Lawmate PV900FHD certainly looks more the smartphone part, with rounder edges and an all-around more believable look.  However, what more importantly sets it apart from the PV900 EVO is its improved resolution, which is now available at up to 1920 x 1080 in the PV900FHD.  With true HD, this newer model is already a big step up from its precursor.

In addition, the PV900FHD comes with night vision capability. This is very handy – and logical – in a spy DVR camera.  As such, you can catch people behaving badly in the dark as well as light.

This model also has a great zoom function and can record in HD to a micro SD card.  Just lay the phone down and it records video through the camera built into the top unit.  It takes great still shots too. Of course, in addition to using the built-in camera, you can also attach various compatible Lawmate cameras for even greater stealth capability, if you need it.

We hope that you never find any wrongdoing, but if you need to discretely monitor your home, office or anywhere else to obtain peace of mind, then the Lawmate PV900FHD 1080p HD Cell Phone Smart Phone Recorder DVR is a good option that provides powerful surveillance technology and HD day/night recording in a more believable smartphone-mimicking DVR.

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