LaView LV-KDV2404W1-1TB Wide Screen 960H Review

Review of the LaView LV-KDV2404W1-1TB Wide Screen 960H HD Like Security System.As if the competition in the home surveillance system market wasn’t fierce enough, another entrant has come onto the scene – LaView. And they have made a big splash with a sophisticated yet user-friendly line of units, including one of our favorites – the LaView LV-KDV2404W1-1TB Wide Screen 960H HD Like Security System. This system has the power and high-resolution that the average consumer will appreciate, and is relatively affordable compared to other similar systems in its class. For more information about this model and why we think it provides great value, please keep reading.

LaView LV-KDV2404W1-1TB – Key Features & Benefits

Wide Screen, High-Res 960H DVR

960H is really the best thing to happen to affordable home surveillance. And the 960H used in the DVR unit equipped with the LaView LV-KDV2404W1-1TB provides a very large picture (960×480) and ultra-high resolution detail. In fact, the picture generated is substantially (=34%) larger than D1 type and is far better (=450% bigger) than the relatively tiny images displayed with CIF  resolution.

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The benefits of 960H Widescreen Viewing!Having a  large picture is not only easier to view on most devices, but gives you much more clarity and the ability to make out small objects, which can often be very important if trying to identify faces, license plates or other fine details.

Moreover, this DVR is very compact and runs remarkably cool, without any noisy cooling fans that are often used on other DVRs to prevent overheating during operation. This is great, since it allows you to run the unit 24 hours a day without taking up lots of space or disturbing your peace.

(4) Quality Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

The 1.3MP All-Weather Cameras provide outstanding video with powerful night vision.Along with the DVR, a unit’s cameras are the heart of the system, and LV-KDV2404W1-1TB comes with the highest resolution you can get in an analog model – 1.3MP. The result is very sharp true-to-life pictures that pop and give you lots of precious image detail. These cameras have a wide-viewing 3.6mm fixed lens and are all-weather rated for indoor/outdoor use. They render color images during the day and then switch to black/white in the evening. They also deliver impressive night vision, allowing you to make out images up to 100 feet away in the dark.

Lots of Video Storage

The LaView LV-KDV2404W1-1TB comes with a generous 1TB hard disc built into the DVR. In addition, with modern H.264 video compression, this disc spaces goes even further (without picture quality loss) so you can run the unit longer without having to constantly delete recorded video.

Built for Mobile Access

The LaView LV-KDV2404W1 960H Security System is built for easy remote access.One of the greatest things about this surveillance system is just how easy it makes remote access. Using “SkyView” software, you can connect to the system to see what’s going on at home or work in real time. You can also set the cameras to send feeds upon detecting motion or deliver email alerts right to your smartphone or web-enabled device. This technology can be used with all major internet browsers and allows multiple users to view feeds simultaneously.

Price and Value

At the moment, the LaView LV-KDV2404W1-1TB surveillance system is available for $340 with free shipping. We think this is an outstanding deal, especially considering the sophisticated 960H DVR and (4) high-res 1.3 MP all-weather cameras you get with this combo.

LaView LV-KDV2404W1-1TB Wide Screen 960H – Concluding Thoughts

From it’s compact, quiet and high-tech 960H DVR, to its powerful high-res cameras, the LaView LV-KDV2404W1-1TB Wide Screen 960H HD Security System is built to perform with the best units out there while remaining unusually user-friendly. In addition, for those seeking easy remote connectivity, this is a great choice that is very easy to configure and offers lots of versatility, especially for a system that is available for less than $500. A very impressive complete surveillance package that has the power to be used for residential and commercial purposes.

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