Kuvings B6000W/B6000S Whole Slow Juicer Review

Kuvings B6000W Whole Slow Juicer ReviewSlow masticating juicers are very popular and are the method of choice for many juice-drinking purists. And among the new models out, one of the most promising is the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer (Model# B6000W/B6000S).

But what makes this juicer any different than the others – and is it worth buying? Please read on as we hope to answer these questions and arm you with some information that should help you decide whether this is the right juicer for you.

Kuvings B6000W Whole Slow Juicer – Quick Overview

Slow juicers are certainly not new; however, Kuvings has endeavored to take this method to a new level with the B6000W. They’ve done this buy creating a 3-inch “wide mouth” masticating juicer that is reportedly the first of its kind. In addition to this wide-mouth design (which we are surprised hasn’t come out sooner) this models is equipped with very cutting-edge juicing technology that promises exceptional performance and juicing efficiency.

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The Kuvings B6000W is tailor made for thoroughly juicing a variety of whole fruits and veggies thanks to its patented “Juicer Module Comprising System” (aka J.M.C.S.). This is essentially the latest and greatest in slow masticating juicing technology, which Kuvings has successfully patented in 50 countries to date. It features a new screw strainer type that slowly but surely presses fruit with tremendous force.This differs from the simple shearing forces that a conventional blender relies on.

Kuvings B6000W Whole Slow Juicer - revolutionary new screw-press design.And at the heart of this system lies a powerful 240W motor that can wrench every last drop from your fruits and vegetables, but which does so with considerably less noise and vibration than you’d expect from such an efficient juicer. The result is that the Kuvings produces wonderfully non-diluted pure juice that is not compromised by plant solids and other undesirable components. And as a bonus, you don’t need to cover your ears when this model is running!

The B6000W also comes with a whole host of other premium features, such as it’s high-quality Tritan jar, eco-friendly and kid- safe parts, and all-around intuitive design that makes this model a breeze to use and clean. Each juicer comes with handy cleaning tools, a very good recipe book and a general-purpose strainer.

Price and Value

Selling for just over $400 with shipping included, this is actually a very reasonably-price masticating juicer. If you’ve shopped around for a true slow-juicer, you probably already know they are not cheap. However, the Kuvings B6000W Whole Slow Juicer is actually cheaper than many other brands that do not feature this cutting-edge mastication technology, or the large-mouth design. As such, we think the B6000W provides unusual value relative to the class.

The  Kuvings B6000W Whole Slow Juicer - the latest in slow-masticating technology.Kuvings B6000W Whole Slow Juicer – Concluding Thoughts

Masticating juicers have a loyal following that is unlikely to tire. And why not? They produce arguably the purest juice you can squeeze out of a fruit or vegetable. Nevertheless, they are not all created equal, and quality in the slow-juicer world is even more important when it comes to durability and the efficiency at which juice is extracted. Fortunately, the Kuvings B6000W Whole Slow Juicer excels on both fronts – it is made to extract the maximum amount of juice from your foods and is built to last, with a very thoughtful wide-mouth design and all-around high quality build. For anyone looking to get into slow-juicing, the B6000W is highly recommended.

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