KRUPS XP601050 Manual Pump Espresso Machine Review

KRUPS XP601050 With ThermoBlock System

KRUPS XP601050

For a very basic but very high-quality espresso machine that you will appreciate after a little practice, we recommend the KRUPS XP601050 Manual Pump Espresso Machine with ThermoBlock System. To learn more about this very highly-rated espresso maker from KRUPS, please continue reading.

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KRUPS is a very familiar and respected name in espresso makers, and this is well-deserved. They produce several automatic and manual models, at various price points that vary in capacity and feature sets. Consequently, it’s often difficult to know which among them is the best for you.

Well, for our money, if you are seeking something affordable and relatively entry-level, but that cuts no corners on basic brew quality and engineering, we’d have to say that we are partial to the KRUPS XP601050 Manual Pump Espresso Machine with ThermoBlock System.

The KRUPS XP601050 does not have the fancy displays or automated features of many other fine espresso makers, but it also doesn’t come with their impressive price tags either. What the XP601050 does do, however, is come with everything you really need to make truly first-rate espresso.

First off, this machine is compact and has a minimalistic and clean modern look, with a classy stainless steel design. As a result, it’s a definite boost to any modern kitchen décor. But more importantly, the XP601050 comes with high-quality engineering.

Notably, this unit uses a premium Italian-made pump that can generate a very respectable 15bar of pressure. Pressure pump systems are always preferable to steam pressure units that prevail among many automatic makers, and pump models are widely-accepted as making fuller-tasting espresso. This is because simple steam brewers produce water that is too hot and with weak pressure, resulting in burned coffee and poorer taste.

The XP601050, however, uses its pump and an innovative “Thermoblock” system to deal with both issues. The Thermoblock unit is essentially a maze of water passages where water is heated, virtually instantaneously, to an optimal temperature (specifically, 92 degrees Centigrade). In fact, so fast does this water heat that KRUPS reports that a brew can be completed within 1 minute of turning on the machine! And as an added bonus, this technology also results in optimal temperatures for milk frothing/texturing.

As with any manual machine, including the XP601050, you should prepare for some getting the hang of making espresso, especially if you’ve never used a manual before. Nevertheless, if you read the included materials and proceed patiently, even beginners can expect to brew truly top-notch espresso consistently after a bit of practice.

Overall, we easily give the KRUPS XP601050 Manual Pump Espresso Machine 5-stars for giving you the most important features for making excellent espresso, and dispensing with others that quickly raise the price tags of these pump machines. Consequently, especially for entry-level baristas, this model is an excellent and cost-effective choice.

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