Koldfront PAC701W Slim Design 7,000 BTU Portable AC Review

Koldfront PAC701W

Koldfront PAC701W 7000 BTU

Portable units are extremely convenient, but it pays to do your homework. For a quiet, energy efficient and very affordable model that can cool a 250 square foot room, we suggest you take a look at the Koldfront PAC701W Slim Design 7,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. To learn more about this compact portable, please continue reading.

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Planning ahead and getting a portable air conditioner before you actually need it is a smart move. And if you are looking to cool a space of roughly 250 square feet, then one good option in our view is the Koldfront PAC701W Slim Design 7,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. The reasons for this are several.

First, the Koldfront PAC701W delivers 7,000 BTUs of cooling power yet is currently selling for less than $350 – this is great bang for your buck, and makes this model less expensive than many 5,000 BTU portable units.

In addition, this is a very energy efficient unit, particularly for a portable. It has an Energy Efficiency Rating (“EER”) of 10.8. Since we view anything over 10 as a great score, this 10.8 EER means that the PAC701W is will costs you less to run than most other portable air conditioners. Such energy savings can really ad up, especially if you run the unit continuously for long periods. In fact, Koldfront calculates that this air conditioner costs just 74 cents a day to operate.

Another important feature of this model is its unusually quiet operation. Specifically, it’s rated to generate only 48 decibels of noise. This is remarkably silent for an air conditioner, especially a portable one, and is only slightly louder than a human whisper. Consequently, if you need a portable option for your bedroom or any other area where noise is a factor, the PAC701W is a natural choice.

Also convenient is the PAC701W’s self-evaporative system that eliminates the need to drain condensate. This system uses condensate to enhance cooling through evaporation, making it more efficient and easier to maintain than manual drain types.

Finally, this portable comes with many additional key features that we look for in modern air conditioners, including a 3-speed fan; a dehumidifying mode; auto restart; ozone-free refrigerants; and a good window kit for easy exhaust vent installation.

Overall, the Koldfront PAC701W Slim Design 7,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is a very solid choice among 7,000 BTU units:  it’s ultra-efficient; ultra-quiet; packs lots of power; and is currently selling for the price of a 5,000 BTU model. Perhaps the only thing that we would have preferred is a dual-hose set up (this is a single hose model). However, the outstanding efficiency of this unit mitigates any slight venting of cool air in our opinion. As a result, we’d easily recommend this portable air conditioner for any room (especially bedrooms) up to 250 square feet.

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