KOHLER K-72218-B7-VS Sensate Touchless Review

kohler sensate touchless

Kohler Sensate Touchelss K-72218-B7-VS

KOHLER’s Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet is a futuristic, yet elegantly beautiful and practical addition to your home, if you don’t mind its higher price tag. But is it worth it? For more information about this brand new release from Kohler, please continue reading.

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Kohler is unquestionably one of the go-to brands for high-end faucets, with legions of loyal followers in both the residential and commercial sectors. Consequently, we were not surprised to see the release of the KOHLER K-72218-B7-VS Sensate Touchless Faucet; but what’s it all about?

On the surface, the Sensate Touchless is very modern, sleek and attractive. It comes in a clean vibrant stainless steel finish with a subtle manual control handle near the base to adjust water temperature, which makes the whole fixture very minimalistic and elegant.  The pull-down spray head fits seamlessly into the spout, and is secured by a powerful magnetic docking system that keeps it firmly in place once seated.

As far as turning it on, the Sensate Touchless uses a highly advanced sensor system that is triggered and turned off by waiving your hand or a pot, pan or anything else under the faucet – without actually touching it. Moreover, unlike other touchless technology you may have experienced that resulted in significant lag times or failed starts (e.g., restroom faucets) – rest assured that the Sensate’s sensor is designed to initiate water flow reliably within a mere 20 milliseconds of detecting motion. This high-grade sensor also avoids false starts as well, so you don’t have to worry about the water turning on when you don’t want it to. An auto shutoff feature is included in case the water is accidentally left on and, in the event of power outage, the faucet can be operated manually as well.

In addition to its touchless sensor and clean design, this faucet is built to last, with high-quality swivel joints, a non-kinking braided nylon spray hose, and corrosion-resistant ceramic valves that can hold up to many years of use. And because this faucet is powered by standard wall (120v) current, you won’t need to worry about replacing batteries.

In our view, in terms of décor, the KOHLER K-72218-B7-VS Sensate Touchless Faucet is an undeniably sharp and long-lasting addition to any modern kitchen, and as far as functionality, its touchless design does free up your hands for additional efficiency and, more importantly, reduces the likelihood of cross-contaminating foods while cooking/food preparation.

On the negative side, the current selling price of the Sensate Touchless is high, significantly higher than other top-end touchless faucets, like the Moen 7594 Arbor with Motionsense series – which brings a similar level of functionality. Nevertheless, if you are not dissuaded by its higher price, we still find the Kohler Sensate Touchless to be the better and definitely more attractive option between the two.

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