Koblenz P-800 Floor Shampooer/ Polisher Review

Koblenz P-800 Brush Cleaning Floor Shampooer Polisher


For a good all-around carpet shampooer & bare floor polishing machine, consider the well-built and easy to use Koblenz P-800 Brush Cleaning Floor Shampooer/ Polisher. Please continue reading for more information about this handy and very well-received carpet/floor cleaning tool by Koblenz.

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Although you may not have heard of Koblenz before, they are no newcomer to floor care.  In fact, Koblenz is a large international exporter of floor care products, and have been in the floor care industry for more than 40 years. Further, with this company’s nimble, vertically-integrated approach, Koblenz is able to quickly respond to consumer needs by taking in-house concepts to the manufacturing line quicker than other brands. Take for example the Koblenz P-800 Brush Cleaning Floor Shampooer/ Polisher.

The Koblenz P-800 Shampooer/ Polisher is a very solid floor cleaning tool that is quietly gaining 5-star popularity for its performance and outstanding value.

The Koblenz P-800 is powerful and versatile 4.2 amp model that’s designed to be used on carpeted surfaces and virtually any kind of bare floor. It comes with a generous 120-oz cleaning solution tank and a variety of convenient attachments, including polishing pads, buffing pads, shampoo brushes, and scrubbing brushes. Also thrown in with each purchase is a quart of carpet shampoo, some neutral cleaner and some heavy duty cleanser for tough soils.

Whether you are shampooing your carpets or scrubbing and waxing bare floors, this floor cleaner is easy to use and can quickly switch functions – just fill the solution tank with the appropriate agent and quickly swap out the brush tool. It sounds easy enough because it is.

Notwithstanding Koblenz’ very low-key promotion philosophy, the reliability and performance of the P-800 is getting noticed with 5-star satisfaction ratings. Indeed, users are consistently remarking on how well this floor cleaner works; how easy it is to use; how durably it’s constructed; and how modest it’s price tag is.

We agree with these observations. Although there are more familiar names in the floor cleaning world, if you are looking for a very a versatile carpet shampooer and bare floor scrubbing/waxing machine that provides top-of-the-line durability and results at a tremendous value – and with no additional charge for product hype – then the Koblenz P-800 Brush Cleaning Floor Shampooer/ Polisher is a very smart, cost-effective choice.

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