KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System Review

KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System

KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System

PC speakers don’t have to be wimpy. Whether it’s for gaming, enjoying music or watching movies or video, for some of the best plug & play PC speakers you can get, we suggest you take a look at the KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System. For more information about this great speaker system from KEF, please continue reading.

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Ultra-high quality sound for your PC does not need to be complicated. In fact, there are plug & play speakers that deliver impeccable sound that is as good as or better than some of the most sophisticated and expensive home audio systems – well this is true for at least one plug & play system – the KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the X300A simply connects to your laptop via the USB port. This 150-watt per channel sound system produces incredible, high-fidelity sound through two cutting-edge bass-reflex digital speakers that are each equipped with two amplifiers (class AB) that cover both high, mid-range and low frequency sounds, and are powered by a toroidal transformer designed to minimize interference or background hum.

Moreover, the clarity and accuracy of the X300A’s sound is outstanding. This is due to these speakers’ 96 kHz and 25-bit inputs and digital connections that eliminate distortion or loss of byte information that might otherwise compromise sound quality. The result is sound that is as true to life as possible, without degradation.

In addition to the USB connection, the system has an analog (backup) connection for smartphones, MP3 players and the like. The X300A also comes with handy equalizer modes for easy on-screen optimization, which may be necessary depending on where the speakers are situated in your home.

Finally, these speakers are remarkably compact for being able to produce this much high-fidelity sound, measuring roughly 11 by 7 by 9 inches and weighing only 16 ½ pounds each. Consequently, they are easy to take with you, in the likely event that your friends or family don’t have speakers of this quality for gaming, listening to music, or movie watching.

Overall, we’d easily recommend the KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System to anyone looking to instantly turn their laptop or pc into an ultra-high fidelity sound machine. In particular, the accuracy and clarity of this speaker system’s sound output is exceptional, even by KEF’s notoriously high standards. Moreover, it couldn’t be easier to set up and use, even  for the technologically-challenged crowd.

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