Karcher Performance Series G2700DH/2700PSI Review

The Karcher Performance Series 2700PSI Gas Pressure Washer with Honda Engine, (model#  G2700DH) is an easy to use, commercial-grade residential model that boasts one of the most reliable engines available. But besides being a newer model, what else should you know about it, and is it worth buying?

Model Overview

The is an intelligently-built unit, with a convenient pressure hose “quick connect” system that really does take the headache out of getting started. If you’ve every had to monkey around with other pressure washers without quick connects, you probably already know how much of a pain they can be. It also comes with a great storage area in the top, which uses a well-type open bin that holds your soaps and other supplies/accessories. Likewise, working with detergents couldn’t be easier; simply set up the detergent siphoning tube and it will draw the soap as needed. The eye-catching black and yellow frame is solid and easy to move around.


With 2700 PSI, you can handle just about any surface in/around the home. This is actually a bit more power than I think most consumers will need, but it’s nice to have some extra power if the special need arises.

The Honda GVC Power Plant

While those are all wonderful features, the most notable element of this pressure washer is it’s engine; specifically, a Honda GCV 160 4-stroke engine. Let’s look at it a bit more closely to see what it offers.

The GVC 160 is a very efficient workhorse engine that is often used with not only pressure washers, but also professional forestry/agricultural equipment. It is a very compact/lightweight, high-output 4-stroke air-cooled engine that is very smooth. In fact, it is designed to minimize both vibration and operation noise, in part thanks to its high-tech internal timing belt. Further, the choke system is easy to use and oil changes are made easier with an easy-access drain plug. The GVC 160 produces 4.4 HP.

Karcher Performance Series G2700DH Ratings

So far, the Karcher G2700 has a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 star rating on amazon.com. Both reviewers gave this unit high marks for fantastic power, quiet operation, light weight, and an easy-to-use design. The quick-connect was also mentioned.

Karcher Performance Series G2700DH/2700PSI Price and Value

Selling at the moment for around $400, this is not a cheap pressure washer by any means. However, when you consider the commercial-grade power, coupled with the super-lightweight, quiet and durable Honda GVC engine, it is very reasonable. Engines in gas models are always a weak spot in terms of durability, and they tend to be noisy and/or heavy. The GVC 160 really is a cut above that crowd, making this a much more sophisticated model. So from that perspective, I think it’s price is very fair.

Concluding Thoughts

Its common to want to go cheap on cleaning tools, since we rarely want to use them anyway. But the Karcher Performance Series G2700DH, 2700PSI Gas Pressure Washer with Honda Engine can make clean up much faster, quieter and more pleasurable. Moreover, this pressure washer is built to last, and uses one of the best small commercial engines you can get. When viewed in that light, its $400 price tag is not so shocking at all.

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