IronMan 5800 High Capacity Memory Foam Inversion Table Review

Iroman High Capacity Memory Foam Inversion Table


There are many variations on the traditional inversion table design these days. However, IronMan’s 5800 High Capacity Memory Foam Inversion has the unusual added perk of a memory foam backing for additional comfort and ergonomics. To find out more about this innovative model from IronMan, please read on.

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Just a few years ago there were relatively few manufacturers of quality inversion tables. This has changed. Now there is significant competition in the inversion equipment industry, which is benefiting consumers by reducing prices and forcing manufacturers to add more features to their product lines.

IronMan has been particularly active lately, coming out with many very popular inversion tables that are very well-received among consumers for their solid construction and performance. Now, IronMan has added a new twist on its already great inversion table platform in its 5800 High Capacity Memory Foam Inversion Table.

The IronMan High Capacity Memory Foam Inversion Table uses a very sturdy base design constructed from tubular steel and finished in a scratch resistant paint. The ankle locks are ergonomically formed and use generous cushioning to reduce ankle-pinch that can occur during prolonged inversion. In addition, as with its other tables, the 5800 uses no-skid floor stabilizers and foam-coated, over-sized safety grips for ease of use and safety. This table can invert up to 90 degrees and is rated for individuals up to 350 pounds and 6’ 6” tall.

The real perk of the 5800 table is, as the name suggests, its memory foam backing. The entire backrest is covered in memory foam. While perhaps not necessary, this addition does indeed give this model an extra degree of comfort, and because it’s memory foam, it conforms nicely to your back and provides additional lumbar support during the inversion process.

Overall, the IronMan 5800 High Capacity Memory Foam Inversion Table is a very solid model that uses a basic, but very effective inversion table platform. And while it does not do anything we’d consider revolutionary, it performs very well, has a robust build, and is significantly more comfortable than your average model. Moreover, it’s priced very reasonably compared to other inversion tables that do not come with such a comfortable backrest.

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