iRobot Roomba 650 Review

If you like the Roomba robotic vacuums, check out the brand new Roomba 650, which is distinctive from other versions by virtue of its on-board scheduling system, which allows you to set it to clean even when you aren’t home.

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Robotic vacuums are among the types of home technology that inspired the creation of HGT.  We love the convenience and “smartness” of these units, and are big fans of the 630 model, which we reviewed previously.  The new Roomba 650 model comes with the same features that we noted in the 630, i.e., excellent hair-handling ability, long-lasting brushes, advanced auto detection system, AeroVac Technology and a 3-stage cleaning system.

Likewise, the Roomba 650 uses the same Dirt Detect system comprised of acoustic sensors and an innovative software system, which results in multiple cleaning passes of your floor space, and automatic adjustment to various floor covering types. Further, the 650 comes with the same Home Base charging/docking mechanism and same accessories.

However, where the Roomba 650 departs from the 630 is its “On-Board Scheduling” System. This allows the Roomba 650 to be pre-programmed to perform up to seven cleaning sessions each week, regardless whether you or anyone else is home to initiate the unit’s cleaning cycle.  This is a very nice added feature, and well-worth the slight difference in price between the units.  Indeed, users commonly note their particular appreciation of this scheduling ability, and most indicate that they set the unit to clean daily.

We feel that the 630 is a fantastic product in its own right, and it’s priced slightly below the 650. However, if you have more chronic pet hair/dirt floor problems, we suggest going with the Roomba 650 model. These robotic vacuum cleaners are efficient, but work best on dirt/hair build-up that is not excessive.  Thus, daily use of these vacuums is preferred to prevent such build-up. By pre-scheduling daily cleaning, you can be sure that the Roomba 650 is working on your floors to keep them as clean as possible, whether you are home to turn it on or not.  Accordingly, in our view, this model has a slight edge over the 630, which in turn is worth the slightly higher price.  In either case though, we highly recommend either unit for anyone considering a robotic vacuum.

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