iRobot Roomba 630 Review

If you suffer from a constant supply of pet hair, dust or dirt on your floors, you should take a look at the new and improved Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets; it’s here and it’s smarter than ever.

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The new Roomba 630 is a beefier version of the 500 robot series. Like the previous version, the 630 is built to clean dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris on your carpets, hardwood, tile and/or linoleum floors. However, this new model has improved hair handling ability, thanks to its longer-lasting brushes, refined auto detection system, and AeroVac Technology with 3-stage cleaning system. The first of this 3-stage system utilizes a spinning side brush that cleans along wall edges to remove embedded dust and dirt. Then, the unit’s counter-rotating brushes sweep up and collect the debris from the floor. Finally, the AeroVac technology generates powerful suction that sucks up the dirt, hair and other debris from the brushes into a large waste receptacle.

Although the cleaning process seems simple enough, the Roomba uses very advanced technology to make all of this  automated and thorough.  Specifically, the 630 uses a Dirt Detect system, composed of acoustic sensors designed to locate dirt so the unit can focus its cleaning efforts on the areas of the home where extra attention is needed. In addition, the Roomba is powered by iRobot’s innovative software system of sensors, which allow the unit to more thoroughly clean your room. It does this by covering each and every section of your floor, multiple times. Indeed, it even cleans areas that are hard to access by humans, such as spots under and around furniture, wall edges, cabinets, etc. And the Roomba recognizes when it encounters a rug, versus a hardwood floor, or linoleum, and automatically adjusting its cleaning approach for each, seamlessly. This same technology also prevents the Roomba from falling off your stairs or getting hung up in power cords. Of course, if you don’t want the Roomba in certain rooms, you can program it to avoid these areas by availing yourself of the “Virtual Wall” feature. Finally, the Roomba is built to automatically return to its “Home Base” when finished with its work, where it docks itself and recharges for the next cleaning cycle, which you can initiate at any time with a simple push of the “Clean” button.  The unit comes with a battery, AeroVac Filter, side brush, bristle brush, beater brush, Virtual Wall, self-charging home base with power supply, and owners manual.

We at HGT loved the 500 series, and the Roomba 630 is packed with even more power and cleaning features than its predecessor. In particular, the superior hair-handling capability and more advanced detection features make it a significantly smarter than the 500. We just hope that the Roomba 630 doesn’t become too much smarter, as we have all seen what havoc robots can do with too  much intelligence!

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