Husqvarna HU675AWD Review

Husqvarna HU675AWD ReviewHusqvarna is a trusted name in lawn/garden tools, and for good reason. They keep coming with powerful and reliable products that do not disappoint, like the hot new Husqvarna HU675AWD Lawn Mower. If you want the power of gas model and convenience of a self-propelled, all-wheel-drive design, we think you will love this lawn mower. But don’t take our word for it; please read on as we detail exactly what the HU675AWD brings so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth you hard-earned dollar.

Husqvarna HU675AWD – Quick Specifications

High-Quality Kohler Engine & AWD Traction

At the heart of this mower lies a very powerful 149 cc Kohler gas engine that produces a total of 3.7 horsepower @ 3060 RPMs. This is exactly the type of punchy engine that you need in an AWD lawn mower. However, despite this power, it is still relatively lightweight and fuel efficient.

The AWD ensures that all four wheels are constantly receiving power, and the all-terrain knobby wheels provide excellent bite on even slick surfaces. Consequently, if you have a lawn with lots of topography and or holes, you can rest easy knowing this mower has the power and traction to pull itself out of ditches, so you don’t have to do it yourself. This is a self-propelled lawn mower that can reach speeds up to approximately 3 miles per hour.

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Husqvarna HU675AWD - all wheel drive powerWide Cutting Path

Cutting the lawn is usually not a blast, even under the best of circumstances, so it’s good to know that you are getting the job done quickly with a wide 22″ cutting area.

Heavy Duty Steel Deck

The Husqvarna HU675AWD comes with a high quality steel cutting deck. It is equipped to either bag or mulch clippings, and the rear bag has a generous 2.3 cubic foot volume. Cutting height is easy to adjust, and you can choose between 7 height increments that raise the deck from 1.5 to 4 inches. Also noteworthy is the garden hose connection, which allows you to flush out the deck so you don’t have to clean it manually. A very nice touch.

Husqvarna HU675AWD - powerful yet compact and lightweightCompact Size & Good Ergonomics

Despite its power and appetite for lawns, the HU675AWD is fairly compact and lightweight for a gas mower (89 pounds) and is fitted with a comfortable handle that folds up easily for storage. Likewise, the pull start, throttle and other key switches are easy to access and intuitively laid out.

Moderate Noise Levels

There is no such thing as a truly quiet gas lawn mower, but the Husqvarna HU675AWD is quieter than many, scoring a sound pressure level of 84 decibels. This is not the type of sound you can have a comfortable conversation over, but it is definitely tolerable for a gas mower.

Price and Value

Husqvarna HU675AWD - mulch or bag clippings, you choose!

Currently selling for about $320, this is a relatively inexpensive AWD lawn mower. Moreover, when you consider the high-quality Kohler engine, heavy-duty steel deck and all-around top-notch Husqvarna quality, it is a very inexpensive option in our book.

Husqvarna HU675AWD – Concluding Thoughts

Perfect for bumpy, hilly or otherwise challenging lawns, the Husqvarna HU675AWD is an outstanding new all wheel drive model that combines a powerful and efficient gas engine with a first-rate design. If you’ve lamented having to go out and push your mower through holes, ditches, slick spots, or up hills, the HU675AWD will make lawn mowing a much more tolerable chore. It has the power to pull itself – and you – around your property so you can get the job done much more quickly and without unnecessary strain.

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