Husqvarna 562XP Review

Husqvarna 562XP


Do you need to cut down trees – a lot of trees?  Are you a professional logger? Do you simply want the most powerful, stable and lightest 60cc chainsaw available?  Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions than you are looking for the revolutionary Husqvarna 562XP.  For more information about this exciting new chainsaw by Husqvarna, please read on.

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Whether you need to clear a dense forest lot, clean up deadfalls, or log  professionally, there is nothing like using a powerful and lightweight chainsaw that can get the job done quickly, and without causing needless additional fatigue.  For many years, professionals have turned to Husqvarna as their manufacturer of choice for the highest quality chainsaws, for good reason.

Now, Husqvarna has cleared its own excellence bar with the new 562XP chainsaw. This cutting-edge model is getting rave reviews from weekend warriors and  professional woodsmen alike.

First off, the 60 cc X-Torq engine used with the 562XP is simply outstanding, and delivers the kind of power you’d expect from a much larger, heavier chainsaw. Indeed, users are consistently amazed at just how strong this chainsaw cuts for its light weight. Moreover, this engine is extremely efficient, using less gas than other saws that don’t deliver anywhere near this kind of power.  Sounds crazy – I know.

Another outstanding characteristic of the 562XP is its ability to cut very smoothly. This is likely due to several reasons:  the 562XP’s exceptional power, rapid chain speed, this model’s AutoTune feature, which ensures optimum engine performance despite varying environmental variables (including a clogged air filter), and its LowVib (anti-vibration) system.

Other interesting features, among the many, the 562XP possesses are its advanced centrifugal air injection system, which lengthens engine life and reduces air filter maintenance by spinning out dust/debris before it can get into the air cleaner; a combination choke/stop that makes for easier starting and reduced engine flooding; and a RevBoost system, designed to increase chain speed/acceleration to further enhance cutting efficiency, smoothness and power.

Other than its price tag, there really isn’t any drawback of this chainsaw.  In fact, we at HGT are pretty much floored by the Husqvarna 562XP – it’s unusually powerful, light, fuel efficient, smooth, and it starts and runs very reliably. Of course, if you don’t need a chainsaw very often, you can definitely get by with a lower-end, less expensive model; however, the 562XP is such a pleasure to use that we’d recommend it to anyone who wants a lightweight chainsaw.

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