Hoover Air BH50140 Series 3.0 Cordless Vacuum Review

Hoover Air BH50140 Series 3.0 Cordless Vacuum ReviewThe Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 Bagless Upright Vacuum (Model # BH50140) is a very hot new release that is rapidly gaining a 5-star following. However, is all of this hype for real? And does this vacuum really provide value relative to the class? Please keep reading as we take a closer look at this new bagless vacuum so you can determine for yourself whether it’s the real deal.

Hoover Air BH50140 – Overview & Key Features

Extended Runtime Without Power Fading

The “Achilles heel” of most cordless appliances is runtime, which is one good reason why the Hover Air BH50140 has so quickly amassed a loyal following. This unit uses advanced lithium ion batteries – two in fact – that can allow this upright to operate for up to 50 minutes. Hover estimates that this is sufficient to allow most users to vacuum spaces up to 2,500 square feet in area without having to recharge the unit. This is outstanding, and really takes advantage of the freedom that cordless vacuums were intended to provide in the first place. Moreover, these lithium batteries maintain full power with out “fading out,” so you can work right up to the point of total discharge without experiencing a gradual loss of power.

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No Loss of Suction, Cyclonic 3-Channel Technology

Hoover Air BH50140 Series 3.0 Cordless Vacuum - Patented Windtunne 3 Cyclonic Technology.The BH50140 uses Hover’s patented “Windtunnel 3” cyclonic vacuum technology. In addition to providing the no-loss-of-suction benefit that cyclonic vacuums first became famous for, this model is interesting in that it comes with a unique 3-channel design that is designed to maximize suction without inadvertently scattering dust and debris back onto floors.

Smart Features & Accessories

In addition to boasting an industry-leading runtime and cutting edge cyclonic technology, this is simply a very well-designed upright bagless vacuum that comes with all of the features that we typically look for. This includes:

  • a pivoting head that allows the unit to “steer” around furniture, obstacles and tight spaces;
  • a removable cleaning wand that gets into tight spaces easily;
  • a washable filter that can be used over and over again;
  • a multi-surface cleaning motorized brushroll mechanism, which allows you to quickly move from bare floors to low and high pile carpeting;
  • an LED headlight system that helps illuminate dim recesses; and
  • a generous package of cleaning accessories and tools, including a spare brushroll for hard floors, and extra washable filter, and a combination dusting and crevice tool.

The Hoover Air BH50140 Series 3.0 Cordless Vacuum comes with a "steerable" brushroll.Very Lightweight Design

Weighing in at just under 10 pounds, this is a remarkably lightweight cyclonic vacuum, especially when you consider how much suction it delivers. As such, you can cover you home quickly and effectively while minimizing fatigue.

Generous Warranty

The Hover Air BH50140 is covered by a full 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty – this is outstanding, and something we don’t often see in many value-oriented bagless vacuums.

The Hoover Air BH50140 Series 3.0 Cordless Vacuum User RatingsHoover Air BH50140 – User Reviews & Ratings

Despite being a relative newcomer to the upright cyclonic line, the Hoover Air BH50140 Series 3.0 is receiving some of the most impressive praise from users we’ve seen in a long time. To date, this model enjoys an average satisfaction rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on amazon.com. Among other things, users give the Hoover very high marks for delivering powerful suction, having a very long runtime and being incredibly easy to use around the home. Others routinely commented on how power did not wane during vacuuming even as the battery became depleted.

Price and Value

Currently selling for roughly $300 including shipping, we think that the BH50140 Series 3.0 Cordless Vacuum provides outstanding value. Not only is this very cutting-edge vacuum powerful and comes with a very long runtime, but it’s built for routine use and is unusually easy to use – especially when there is no cord to get in the way. In fact, this is a better buy in our opinion that many more expensive corded vacuums out there.

The Hoover Air BH50140 Series 3.0 - True Cordless Convenience Without Sacrificing Power.Concluding Thoughts on the Hoover Air BH50140

If you want the freedom that only a cordless vacuum can bring, but don’t want to give up the power and versatility of a conventional corded upright vacuum, we think the Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 Bagless Upright Vacuum is the best thing that’s happened to cyclonic models in a long time.

Moreover, despite leveraging state-of-the-art battery and suction technology, this vacuum remains extremely lightweight – and more importantly, unusually affordable in a field where these sorts of features tend to come with much stiffer price tags.

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