Honeywell MM14CHCS 14,000 BTU Portable AC/Heat Pump Review

Honeywell MM14CHCS 14,000 BTU + Heat Pump

Honeywell MM14CHCS 14000 BTU + Heat Pump

If you want a larger portable AC unit that can cool a 600 square foot room and heat it very efficiently as well, then you ought to consider a good heat pump, like the Honeywell MM14CHCS 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump. For more information about this model and whether it’s worth the price, please read on.

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It goes without saying that most Americans will be resorting to air conditioning for at least some of the hottest days this summer. However, many people don’t think about purchasing an AC unit that also has heating capability – through a “heat pump” system.

Heat pumps function by using a relatively small amount of electricity to transfer heat between hot and a cold space. Typically, they take the form of a reversible compressor refrigeration system – think of your typical AC unit, but one that can run in reverse.

Heat pumps built into air conditioning units therefore make good sense, and offer a low-cost heating option in addition to providing typical cooling capability. For example, take the new Honeywell MM14CHCS 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump.

The MM14CHCS’s 14,000 BTUs are good enough to cool down a room of up to 600 square feet in size, unless the room is especially warm because it’s very sunny, poorly insulated, next to a kitchen, etc. We note that this coverage area estimate is much lower than the 700 square feet that is reported for this unit. In our opinion, for a 700 square foot room, a single 14,000 BTU air conditioner simply won’t cut it.

In addition to providing an efficient heat pump and good cooling power for rooms up to 600 sq. feet, this model is fairly well equipped with useful features. For example, it runs at a quiet 55 decibels (fyi: Honeywell has been known to produce some of the quietest portable air conditioners); has easy touch controls; can dehumidify up to 80.4 pints/day; uses eco-friendly refrigerants; comes with a 24 programmable timer and digital thermostat; and includes an auto-drain feature that eliminates manual draining of compressor condensate.

Please note that this is a single-hose unit. As we’ve discussed elsewhere, single-hose units are not necessarily inferior, but due to their design sacrifice a bit of efficiency compared to dual-hose models. On the other hand, dual hose versions usually cost more than their single-house counterparts.

Overall, we think that the Honeywell MM14CHCS 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump is a very good option:  it has lots of cooling power; runs quietly; has good digital controls and features; and comes with a very efficient heat pump that you’ll appreciate when temperatures dip down again.  Further, at its current selling price of $600, it’s a fairly good deal for a portable AC/heater that comes with this much power and is made by such a reputable name in home appliances, like Honeywell.

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