Honeywell CL30XC 63 Pt. Evaporative Cooler Review

Honeywell CL30XC 63 Pt. Evaporative Cooler ReviewIf you live in a dry climate, the Honeywell CL30XC 63 Pt. Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Remote Control is an excellent option for cooling a medium sized room without the high costs associated with traditional compressor-driven air conditioners.

However, what should you know about this model before buying? And is it worth the money? Please read on as we aim to answer these questions and provide additional buying information so you can make an informed decision about whether this is the right choice for you.

Honeywell CL30XC – Key Features

Like evaporative coolers generally, this one works by blowing air through a moistened matrix, which causes water to evaporate very efficiently, particularly in dry climates. As water evaporates it absorbs surrounding heat – it is this heat transfer phenomena that results in a cooling of the immediate environment.

The drier the air, the higher the rate at which water can be evaporative and the more dramatic the cooling. However, under typical conditions, the Honeywell CL30XC is recommended for use in rooms up to 320 square feet in area.

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Honeywell CL30XC 63 Pt. Evaporative Cooler - rear view of unit.While the physics of heat transfer are universal, portable evaporative coolers vary tremendously in quality and performance. The CL30XC, however, leverages Honeywell’s vast experience with this type of technology and is one of the nicest portable units we’ve seen in a long time. First off, this model is designed for user convenience, and is fitted with a large, 7.9 gallon easy-t0-remove water tank, a top-loading ice tray, and a low-water alert to prevent the unit from running dry. You can choose from among (4) fan speeds depending on your cooling needs, and the unit’s auto-oscillating louvers make sure that the cooled air is distributed uniformly throughout the room or space. A carbon filter is included to remove odors, fumes, and other volatile organics as the unit cools the air.

Other nice touches include the crisp digital control panel that displays active settings, and the full-function remote control, which allows you to adjust output on the fly from the comfort of your chair.

Finally, this is an extremely efficient way to cool off a room. If you live in an area with low humidity, you can bring down temperatures to a comfortable level using just 252 watts of electricity (low setting) in most cases. This is a fraction of the energy needed compared to cooling the same space with a compressor-driven AC unit. As such, not only can evaporative cooling be effective, but enormously more cost-effective too.

Price and Value

Available (at the moment) for roughly $250 shipped to your door, not only is the Honeywell CL30XC an effective, remarkably energy-efficient cooling option – it’s also far cheaper as well. A portable air conditioner needed to cool a similar space would cost you roughly twice what the¬†CL30XC is selling for. So, not only are you rewarded in terms of a lower operating cost, the CL30XC requires a much more modest outlay of cash up front too! Moreover, this new portable model is very feature-driven relative to other portable units; in short, it’s an all-around great deal.

Honeywell CL30XC 63 Pt. Evaporative Cooler - a great alternative to compressor-type coolers.Honeywell CL30XC – Concluding Thoughts

If you live in a relatively dry, hot climate, evaporative cooling makes good sense. And among the various portable models on the market, the new Honeywell CL30XC 63 Pt. Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Remote Control is one of the best bets in our view. This model combines cutting-edge evaporative cooling technology and a responsive control panel with a full-function remote. Moreover, it’s very inexpensive to buy, operate and maintain. In sum, highly-recommended. Please not that these units sell out very quickly as temperatures start to jump – so don’t delay!

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