HeatTrak HR20-60 Snow-Melting Walkway Mat Review

HeatTrak HR20-60 Residential Snow-Melting Walkway MatTired of icy, dangerous walkways around the home? Well, consider having a system in place to ensure a clear path, without shoveling or manual clearing, with the HeatTrack HR20-60 Snow-Melting Walkway Mat.

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Unfortunately, walkways around the home often become treacherous during the winter months.  Icy and/or snow covered walkways & landings are some of the most dangerous of such areas. Further, it is tedious to continually ensure that these areas remain cleared.  And despite our best efforts, walkways tend to ice over during freeze thaw cycles anyway, forming a virtually transparent “black ice” situation that can cause even the most nimble people to lose their footing.

Fortunately, there are options to deal with these key areas outside the home that do not entail backbreaking work.  One of the best among them is to purchase an exterior heated mat like the HeatTrack HR20-60 Snow-Melting Walkway Mat.

The HeatTrack HR20-60 is a thermoplastic all-weather mat that measures 20 inches by 60 inches in size, and which provides a long-term solution for icy walkways / exterior doorway landings.  Just plug the mat into any standard 120 volt socket and it will melt snow at a rate of 2-inches per hour.  Moreover, there is no need to remove the mat when not in use –  it’s designed to remain outdoors all winter long.  All you need to do is turn it on when it starts to snow and it will do the work of clearing snow and ice, and will continue to work to prevent accumulation or snow/ice.

Moreover, this mat is expandable, and can be connected to optional stairway mats to provide additional safety if desired.  There are also a bunch of other interesting add-ons that one can purchase for this unit, like a wireless power switch and an automatic switch that turns on the mat when the temperature dips below 38 degrees F.

We really like the HeatTrack HR20-60 – it provides additional safety during the winter months and eliminates the chore of constantly clearing your residential walkway. Indeed, this mat is especially advantageous for those who are not able to constantly tend to their outdoor areas during the winter. As a result, we highly recommend it to anyone, regardless how sure-footed they may be!  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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