Haier DM32EK 32 Pint Dehumidifier Review

If you are concerned about mold and other undesirable consequences of home humidity, the Haier DM32EK 32 Pint Mechanical Dehumidifier is a well-built and highly-efficient model that you ought to consider.

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Now that summer is over and we are shutting our windows and doors as cool weather approaches, many of us will inevitably have rooms in the home, such as basements and other poorly ventilated areas, that will suffer from high humidity levels.  Humidity itself is not necessarily a problem, but the mold and mildew that such conditions can promote are, as these pose health risks, in addition to creating stale, musty smells that are simply unpleasant.

If you are going to need a dehumidifier to deal with these conditions, you might as well purchase one that gets the job done well and with minimal energy expenditure.  The Haier DM32EK 32 Pint Mechanical Dehumidifier is one such sensible choice.

This model has a large, 32 pint capacity, and is a high-efficiency Energy Star Qualified model.  Further, it comes with an adjustable humidistat to control the level of drying where less power is needed.  It also has two fan speeds, an auto defrost and restart setting, rolling casters for quick maneuverability, and an indicator to alert you when the bucket is full.  Moreover, this unit is easy to clean and empty, with its permanent mesh filter and large front access bucket and built-in handle.  The unit runs on 115 volts / 60Hz.  Please note that this unit’s filter should be checked after every 500 hours of run time.

We have to say, there is nothing particularly sexy about dehumidifying, but it’s an important aspect of home maintenance for many of us nonetheless.  And if you need to use a dehumidifier, the DM32EK 32 Pint Mechanical Dehumidifier is a solid choice that covers all of the bases:  it’s highly-efficient and Energy Star rated; it’s easy to clean and empty; the level of drying can be adjusted with a humidistat as needed; and it comes with auto defrost and restart.  It also has a pleasantly clean and simplistic design, as far as dehumidifiers go.

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