Haier DE45EK 45 Pint Dehumidifier Review

If you are looking for an affordable 45-pint dehumidifier that gets the job done and has all of the basic functions you need, the Haier DE45EK 45 Pint Dehumidifier may fit the bill.

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Now that most of us are approaching winter, the cool air temperatures in our homes mean that ambient water vapor is more apt to condense on walls, furniture, clothes– everything. And if you have a basement or other space that doesn’t have good ventilation, you may wind up having a room that is a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which pose health hazards, and just plain make your house smell like an old gym sock.

So you need a dehumidifier. I get it, you are not looking for an ultra-expensive model that dehumidifies and also puts butter on your bread and says good morning in 5 different languages.  However, what are the features that you need?  We at HGT believe that, in addition to durability, an energy-efficient model with a decent capacity, that’s easy to clean, and a humidistat to adjust the level of drying needed are important features.  These are all features that come with the Haier DE45EK – it’s Energy Star Qualified, has a 45-pint capacity, and has a digital humidistat to apply the precise amount of drying power needed.  Moreover, this unit has an easy to clean, front-access bucket and filter, and an audible water level indicator to let your know when it needs to be drained.

User reviews of this model are good, and the DE45EK does indeed seem to perform well and satisfy its purpose.  Of course, if you are seeking Cadillac-quality from a dehumidifier, you may want to consider other models. However, the price of this unit is significantly less than other 45-pint dehumidifiers in its class, and the DE45EK basically does the same thing, and is energy efficient to boot.  As a result, we think it’s a good buy for those seeking a basic model that delivers lots of bang for the buck.

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