GV X12 Sealed HEPA Canister Vacuum Review

GV X12 Sealed HEPA Canister Vacuum


Canister vacs can be pricey, very pricey. However, the new GV X12 Sealed HEPA Canister Vacuum is breaking out from the crowd by delivering premium-level cleaning power and design for a price that will pleasantly surprise you.  Sound too good to be true? Please continue reading for more details about this hot new canister vacuum.

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There is no substitute for a high quality canister vacuum.  However, many people tend to shy away from them because they tend to be relatively expensive compared to upright models. Fortunately, the fierce competition between manufacturers has recently led to the production of some high-end models, without high-end prices – like the GV X12 Sealed HEPA Canister Vacuum.

The GV X12 Canister Vacuum is currently selling for under $200, but comes with the features we typically see in upper-echelon brands like Miele and Dyson that go for several hundreds of dollars.

For example, this canister vac has tremendous suction. At the heart of the GV X12 lies a 1,400 watt / 12 amp, variable speed vortex motor that generates an impressive 107 cubic feet of airflow per minute.  This kind of power is something we rarely see in such an affordable canister. And with it, you can be sure that even stubborn dirt and debris will ultimately yield to the GV X12.

However, beyond coming with lots of brute power, the GV X12 offers top-end versatility. The mini pet head attachment included with this model is great for pet hair cleanup on floors and furniture, and the Turbo floor tool/nozzle is well-built and very capable on virtually any surface.  It can also switch easily between high pile carpeting and smooth floors with no fuss. Further, with a high-capacity 5.3 gallon dust receptacle, you can clean larger areas with fewer trips to the waste bin.

Yet another top-tier feature the GV X12 brings is its advanced 3-stage filtration system, which incorporates a sealed HEPA filter. This type of modern air filtration is a key component of all of the high-quality canister models, and is a critical piece of technology for controlling airborne allergens invariably kicked up during the vacuuming process.

Finally, each GV X12 comes with a comprehensive 1-year factory warranty and a 3-year warranty on the vortex motor.

In our view, while the GV X12 Sealed HEPA Canister Vacuum may not have the same level of engineering as the elite Miele models do, the GV X12 does offer comparable power, versatility and performance that comes at a tremendous discount.  As such, we would easily recommend the GV X12 to anyone looking for an affordable alternative to a Miele or Dyson model.

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