GreenWorks 27062 GMAX Cordless Cultivator Review

GreenWorks 27062 GMAX 4.0-Amp Hour Cordless Lithium Ion Cultivator

GreenWorks GMAX Cordless Cultivator

The brand new GreenWorks 27062 GMAX 4.0-Amp Hour Cordless Lithium Ion Cultivator gives you the ease and convenience of an electric tiller, without the annoying cord. For additional details about this great new rechargeable tiller/cultivator from GreenWorks, please continue reading.

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Electric tillers are, for the typical suburban gardener, much more preferable than the large, heavy and fuel-thirsty gas models that were historically the norm. However, even among the best electric tillers, the same complaint arises – what to do about the annoying power cord!

Whether it’s running out of cord length to reach your garden, or the fear of tilling over it, it was only a matter of time until good cordless models became available. Indeed, this movement has only sped up recently due to improvements in lithium ion battery technology.

Among the new crop of cordless tillers our right now, we like the GreenWorks 27062 GMAX 4.0-Amp Hour Cordless Lithium Ion Cultivator. GreenWorks is an industry leader in all sorts of alternative electric garden tools, including tillers, and we were happy to see this model make its debut.

The GreenWorks 27062 GMAX is a powerful electric tiller that is equipped with an impressive 40-volt lithium ion rechargeable battery and a 40-volt motor that can attain a rotational speed of up to 200 RPMS. Beyond more power, this larger battery gives the 27062 GMAX additional running time compared to other cordless units. In fact, it’s reported to last for up to 40 minutes on a charge, which is more than sufficient for most suburban gardens.

The GMAX is also built for tough soils, with four, 8-inch long forward-rotating tines that can till up to 5-inches deep and 10-inches in width. Yet, despite this power, the GMAX is compact and weighs in at less than 30 pounds.

In addition, it’s designed for ease-of-use and quick storage, with a two-step starting process to avoid accidental starts; hassle-free push-button staring; large 6-inch wheels; and folding handles. Each purchase includes the GMAX 40-volt lithium battery and charger unit, along with various pins, tines, and an owner’s manual. Finally, this tiller is backed by a generous 4-year warranty on the tiller unit and 2-year warranty on the 40-volt battery.

Overall, the quality and value of GreenWorks products generally is second to none, and the GreenWorks 27062 GMAX 4.0-Amp Hour Cordless Lithium Ion Cultivator is no exception. In a nutshell, this tiller comes with lots of power; an aggressive tine configuration for tough work; and an industry-leading 40-volt battery that lets the GMAX till farther and longer than the rest.

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