Greenworks 26022 16” Electric Snow Thrower Review

If you are looking for a durable, eco-friendly and hassle free electric snow thrower that can clear snow up to 6” in depth in one pass, the Greenworks 26022 16-Inch 9 Amp Electric Snow Thrower is a very good choice.

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With winter approaching, many people in the U.S will have to contend with at least some level of snowfall. As such, it’s the right time to consider whether your snow removal equipment is ready for the task.  As far as choices for snow throwers, many people that do not expect very heavy snowfall are moving towards electric models, as these avoid the chore and mess of gas/oil, not to mention the very heavy weight of gas-powered throwers.

Among electric model manufacturers, Greenworks continues to be an industry leader. This is because they continue to put out high-quality, powerful electric throwers, such as, for example, the Greenworks 26022 16-Inch 9 Amp Electric Snow Thrower. This model has power that rivals the gas-powered models, with a powerful 9 amp motor that can clear a path 16 inches wide and six inches deep in a pass – and then throw the snow up to 25 feet away. However, the Greenworks 26022 does things the gas-guzzlers cannot – it can be easily maneuvered thanks to weighing only 26 pounds, and it runs without producing noxious fumes.  As such, it is also much more environmentally-friendly, producing zero emissions.  The unit comes with an ergonomic adjustable rubber grip handle, 6-inch radial wheels, a cord lock, and a 4-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Users of this model report very high satisfaction with its performance, even with deep and heavy snow. In particularly, users comment on how reliable and easy to use it is, and admit to preferring this model over much larger gas-powered throwers they own.  Indeed, we agree that the best selling points of this unit are its ease of use and maneuverability, and very low maintenance costs.  This is a huge advantage, particularly when you need to use the thrower routinely for light snowfall events.  In sum, we recommend the Greenworks 26022 16-Inch 9 Amp Electric Snow Thrower to anyone who is seeking a light, easy and low-maintenance snow thrower for routine use in light to moderately deep snow.

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