Ginsu Shoku 05740 Rainbow Cutlery Set Review

Ginsu Shoku 05740 8-Piece Rainbow Cutlery SetFor those seeking high quality knives for a variety of cooking/food prep applications, in an attractive design, Ginsu has just released a fantastic and eye-catching product – the Ginsu Shoku 05740 8-Piece Rainbow Cutlery Set.

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We’ve all used inferior cutlery before. You know, knives that can barely cut cold butter and rust, flake or lose their cutting edge moments after use.  Well, it’s perfectly understandable given how much good knives can cost these days.  Fortunately, however, there are still some affordable options that deliver high quality, like the brand new Ginsu Shoku 05740 8-Piece Rainbow Cutlery Set.

The Ginsu Shoku Rainbow Cutlery set comes with 8-pieces designed to cover the demanding cook’s needs.  Specifically, this set includes an 8-inch chef’s knife, an 8-inch bread knife, 7-inch Santoku knife, 5-inch boning knife, 4.5-inch utility knife, and 3.5-inch paring knife – all covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

In addition, this set comes with a high-quality honing rod to keep your knives sharp and ready to go, and a heavy wooden block for easy, convenient storage on your countertop.

The knives are top-notch.  This set utilizes Shook Series, forged stainless steel blades that are resistant to stains and rust, and are designed to maintain an extremely sharp cutting edge, despite routine use. And the knife handles come in beautiful rainbow colors and use a comfortable ergonomic design that fosters a firm, precise cutting grip.

What’s not to like about this cutlery set?  Ginsu is a long-time leader in delivery high-quality and affordable cutlery, and this set is one of the best Ginsu has offered in our opinion.  This set combines cutting edge blade materials (pardon the pun), attractive colors, and a classic wooden block that creates instant style and class to any kitchen – in addition to a level of performance well above its price tag, which is far South of $100 at the moment.  As such, the Ginsu Shoku 05740 8-Piece Rainbow Cutlery Set is perfect for the causal cook or a seasoned chef, and makes an ideal gift for the holidays.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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