Generac Guardian Series 5875 Review

If you are preparing for the worst that mother nature can throw at you, we suggest you consider the powerful and CARB Compliant, Generac Guardian Series 5875 20,000 Watt Air-Cooled Liquid Propane/Natural Gas Powered Standby Generator.

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Weather all around the globe is growing more unpredictable. In addition, it seems like every year we are hearing reports of more frequent, intense weather – the type of weather that can easily wipe out your electricity for hours or even days. With times like these, it pays to have in place a reliable standby home generator system to ensure that that your lights and essential home appliances and tools remaining running, whatever may happen to the municipal power grid.

Among the standby units on the market today that we like is the Generac Guardian Series 5875 20,000 Watt Air-Cooled Liquid Propane/Natural Gas Powered Standby Generator. This is a very powerful, modern generator, which uses a 999cc Generac OVHI air-cooled engine that produces 20,000 watts and can handle high electrical loads. This engine is also noteworthy in that it’s CARB compliant, requires maintenance only once every two years (or after 200hrs of use) and can run on propane/natural gas.

Fortunately, the Generac Guardian Series 5875 is easy to set up and install, and once in place, is fully automatic, turning itself on by within seconds of a power outage. Moreover, you don’t need to fuel the unit either, and it can even turn on and off when you are far away from your home.

The unit comes with all modern digital controls and state-of-the-art programmable technology you’d expect for a high-end model. For example, you can set the unit to go through a weekly practice drill each week as the time you choose, so you can be sure that the 5875 is ready to go within moments of a power loss. And with its True Power Technology, this unit delivers clean power to keep even sensitive electronic equipment and appliances running without worrying about harmful electric surges.

Finally, the unit looks unobtrusive and operates relatively silently. It comes in a weather-proof aluminum enclosure that won’t rust or lose its finish and, thanks to Generac’s patented Quiet-Test Technology, this generator produces at most a sound equivalent to the low hum of an idling car.

Given the necessity of good standby generator unit in severe weather prone areas, we always recommend purchasing a high-quality, powerful unit. The Generac Guardian Series 5875 is a good example one – it delivers lots of clean power, has cutting edge programmable features, is fully automated, and will not keep you and your neighbors up at night while it’s running.

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