Generac 6412 One WASH 4-in-1 Gas Power Washer Review

Generac 6412 One WASH 4-in-1

Generac 6412 One WASH 4-in-1

Spring cleaning is a whole lot easier with a good pressure washer. But to deal with even the most stubborn grime and hard to clean surfaces, you just can’t beat the power of a gas powered pressure washer. And one of the most interesting new consumer models out there is the Generac 6412 One WASH Residential 4-in-1 PowerDial 212cc Gas Powered Pressure Washer with 30-Foot PVC Hose, and variable 2,000-PSI to 3,000-PSI /2.8-GPM output. For more information, please continue reading.

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While we like electric power washers, and encourage their use whenever feasible, we recognize that electrics still cannot quite match the pressure generated by gas powered models. This is important because there are many surfaces that require extra power, like decking, siding brick, sidewalks and other paved areas. Further, even on surfaces that can be cleaned with electrics, such as grills, cars, windows and furniture, the job is typically much faster with a gas power washer.

Among the new gas power washers available right now, Generac has come out with some great options, one of the newest being the Generac 6412 One WASH Residential 4-in-1 2,000-PSI to 3,000-PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer.

The main draw of the Generac 6412 One WASH is that it’s a very powerful, yet versatile washer. Its 212 cc OHV gas engine can produce an impressive 3000 PSI with a 2.8 gallon flow rate, which makes it ideal for dealing with hard to clean masonry and pavement, for example. However, if you don’t need this much punch, you can dial back the power to 2000 PSI with the easy Power Dial feature, allowing you to clean areas that don’t need this kind of pressure, like cars, furniture, window shutters, etc.

Further, this model comes with a very helpful control panel, including 4 task-specific power settings on the Power Dial that optimize pressure for the particular cleaning application. Other notable features include a handy cushion-grip spray arm that is easy and comfortable to use; a low oil LED alert; large no-flat wheels; a folding handle; ¾-gallon detergent tank; three cleaning nozzles; 30-feet’worth of PVC hose for lots of reach; and a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Unfortunately, this model is not CARB compliant, and therefore not for sale in California.

Overall, although the Generac 6412 One WASH 4-in-1 Gas Power Washer is significantly more expensive than most electric options, we think that its a high-quality pressure washer that is worth the price, especially for those looking for maximum residential cleaning power – and the versatility to handle more delicate jobs as well.

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