Generac 6020/6022/6024 Gas Pressure Washer Review

Generac 6022-5989 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM 196cc OHV Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Generac 6022 2,700 PSI 196cc Gas Washer

Now that winter’s grip is loosening, be prepared for serious spring cleaning with a powerful pressure washer, like the popular Generac residential line (models 6020/6022/6024) of gas powered pressure washers. For additional details about these pressure washers and what they can do, please keep reading.

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Now that we are thawing out and preparing for spring, attentions are turning to winter-neglected areas around the home that need a good scrubbing – but who has the time? One of the best solutions to get the job done quickly is to harness the power of pressurized water to blast dirt, dust, soot, grime, leaves, and road salt/grit off of surfaces/objects around the home, such as fencing, decking, cars, boats, garages, walkways, walls, etc.

As far as purchasing a washer, Generac, one of the most popular manufacturers of small engines for a variety of applications, is solid bet, as it’s known for delivering high-quality and durable pressure washers at affordable prices. And among Generac’s popular residential line are the 6020/6022/6024 series OHV gas powered pressure washers.

The Generac 6022 2.3 GPM 196cc OHV Gas Powered Pressure Washer can generate a very strong jet of water, up to 2,700 PSI, with a flow rate of 2.3 gallons of water per minute. This is a lot of power for the typical home, and is great for taking off very deeply-set dirt and grime on walls, cars, boats, windows, campers, etc. A slightly less powerful 2,500 PSI-rated version of this washer is also available, the Generac 6020, which uses the same 196cc engine as the 6022.

However, if you want even more dirt-blasting power, then you may want to consider the Generac 6024 2.7 GPM 212cc OHV Gas Powered Pressure Washer, which can generate an impressive 3,000 PSI – which is just about the maximum PSI typically recommended for residential applications. With this additional pressure, this model can also clean oil stains and dirt-encrusted small recreational vehicles, like ATVs and motorcycles.

Overall, we think the Generac 6022 and 6024 are both great options for those people who need the power of a gas washer and want a unit that has a high-quality engine without a lot of frills. If the 6022 is available, we don’t see much point to the 6020 though, since it costs nearly as much as the 6022 but is a bit less powerful.

Unfortunately, none of these washers are CARB-compliant and therefore cannot be sold to California residents. However, the good news for Californians – and everyone else – is that there are now some high quality electric washers on the market that generate good power and do not require CARB compliance at all, such as the Karcher K5.540 X-Series 2,000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer.

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