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GE Simon XTiInstalling a first-rate alarm system does not have to be a herculean task, or require a background in electrical engineering. Get your home secured quickly and painlessly with the new and improved GE Simon XTi Wireless Alarm System. Read on to see why this model is a good bet for most homeowners.

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There are few home improvement purchases that bring as much peace of mind as a quality home security system. However, many are discouraged from buying one due to the price of prepackaged systems and the fear of lofty installation charges.

Well, there are some very good alarm system packages that are very affordable, and can be installed by the average homeowner quite easily, without resort to technical professionals or an installation service.

Perhaps the best example of such a system on the market right now is the GE Simon XTi Wireless Alarm System with Interactive Wireless Service, the latest and greatest alarm system from GE, which takes its predecessor XT model to the next level.

The GE Simon XTi is a wireless security system that truly exemplifies the plug and play concept. Far from requiring any complicated setup, this easy-to-use new touchscreen system is straightforward enough to be installed by your average Joe – or Joanne – within 45 minutes of cracking open the box.

Further, with its fully wireless design thanks to Z-wave technology, the XTi makes for virtually limitless placement of sensor equipment, which enhances the unit’s versatility and obviates the needs for messy, tedious wiring.

In addition, with a free month of interactive LiveWatch service included, you can try out monitoring and controlling your system remotely via your iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry or any web-connected smartphone/computer. For example, you can disarm or arm the XTi system, check if windows or doors were left open, and browse your system’s event history at anytime or from anywhere you can connect to the web.

Each GE Simon XTi Wireless Alarm System kit comes with the XT system, a free month of LiveWatch Service, wireless door sensors, a cellular communicator, a plug-and-protectTM package, a wireless keychain remote, a yard sign and window stickers.

Although the upfront price of this system may seem significant, it is actually quite reasonable considering the power and flexibility afforded by the wireless sensing technology and the convenience and feel of the new touchscreen interface. Moreover, unlike purchasing a typical security service, you own the XTi hardware and can use it wherever and whenever you chose, and therefore take it with you if you decide to move.

You can certainly opt for a full home security service rather than buying your own hardware, but for those looking to do it themselves, the GE Simon XTi Wireless Alarm System is a great turnkey solution that is well worth the price.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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