If you are searching for a new washing machine and want a cutting edge model, you should consider the GE GDF520PGDWW – it’s equipped with GE’s most advanced washing machine system to date.

Dishwashers have come a long way.  Every year they boast more features and tend to be quieter and more energy efficient. GE, a familiar name in the home appliance industry, has recently come out with its most innovative dishwasher model yet, the GE GDF520PGDWW.


What makes this model so advanced you ask?  Well, GE reports that relative to previous models, the GDF520PGDWW’s InFiniClean Wash System has 65% more washing power, with more cleaning & sanitizing power delivered to each washer rack.  Moreover, this tall tub washer utilizes GE’s latest version of its Piranha Hard Food Disposer & removable filter, which uses a stainless steel blade rotating at 3,600 RPM to break up food particles and prevent larger particles from infiltrating and clogging the unit’s 3 high-pressure washing arms.

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The GDF520PGDWW also comes with various other features an options that make it a value packed, including a steam pre-wash system that loosens up soils prior to the wash cycle and eliminates the need for soaking or pre-rinsing your dishware before cleaning; a high-temperature sanitize option designed to kill bacteria that thrive on dishware; a handy delay start feature to schedule your wash cycle; dedicated silverware jets for powerful, focused cleaning of utensils and cutlery; a generous SpaceMaker silverware basket; and large-capacity, durable wash racks that are easy to configure.  The particular model shown above is white, but this dishwasher also comes in an attractive stainless steel finish as well (item GDF520PSDSS)

Also important to note about the GDF520PGDWW /GDF520PSDSS is that it’s very quiet and energy efficient. GE reports that this model produces a low 54 decibels of sound.  That’s a gentle purr compared to many other washers, and is vitally important if you intend to spend much time, or entertain, in your kitchen while washing your dishes.  Further, this unit’s Energy Star Qualification means that it meets or exceeds certain efficiency standards, which is also very important, as this will save you money each month in the form of a reduced electricity bill.  As we often say here at HGT, it does not pay to buy a bargain energy-hog that will end up costing you much more in the long run.

With appliances and electronics generally, it  usually pays to chose from among the newest models available, as these tend to feature the newest and best technology.  This is certainly the case with the GDF520PGDWW / GDF520PSDSS, with their more efficient, quieter washing system and high-capacity tubs.

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