Friedrich PH14B Portable AC/Heat Pump Review

Friedrich PH14B Portable AC/Heat Pump ReviewIf you don’t mind spending a bit more money for your portable air conditioner, the Friedrich PH14B 13500 BTU portable air conditioner with Heat Pump is a darn good choice in our book. But what makes this model special at all, and why does it cost more than other models?

Please read on as we take a closer look at the Friedrich PH14B and break down exactly what this unit delivers – and why it is getting such good reviews.

Friedrich PH14B  – Key Features & Benefits

Powerful Cooling & Super-Efficient Dual-Hose Exhaust

The Friedrich PH14B offers powerful, fast and efficient dual hose exhaust cooling.Single hose exhaust systems can work fine and they are usually less expensive, but dual hose systems are superior. The dual hose allows the compressor to cool without removing indoor air; these models have a dedicated external intake/exhaust loop which uses outdoor air to cool of the moving parts. A single hose cooler must pull indoor air – indoor air that you are trying to cool. In addition, the single hose means that a slight vacuum (negative pressure) is created in the room, which caused warm, outside air to get back into the room via cracks and gaps.

Indeed, a good dual hose portable typically cools down a room much faster and has to work less to maintain a set point. In fact, Friedrich reports that this model cools a room down 40% faster than a comparable single hose model. That spells huge energy savings and a much more comfortable environment!

Efficient Heat Pump Included

Now you may not be terribly interested in heat given that we are approaching summer, but a heat pump is a fantastic feature that allows this model to provide year round comfort. And don’t be fooled by other cool/heat models that merely say they also provide heat. The Friedrich PH14B comes with an actual heat pump  – specifically, a 10,700 BTU ZoneAire portable heat pump. Heat pumps work so much more efficiently than the typical heating elements equipped with most dual cooling/heating units. You will definitely appreciate this feature come wintertime!

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The Friedrich PH14B can be installed quickly.Self-Evaporating Condensate System

Most air conditioners need to have the condenser water removed periodically; however, the Friedrich PH14B is built to recycle and “blow off” this water before it accumulates, so that under normal conditioners you never need to drain it. And while these systems can sometimes be overwhelmed by very humid climates, one user from Florida attested that she never needed to dump water there – and that is humid!

In the event water does accumulate, this model will capture and hold it, and it comes with an auto-shutoff if no one is there to drain the system.

Great Energy Efficiency

Portable air conditioners are typically compared by their EERs  – or Energy Efficiency Ratios. This is simply the relationship between BTUs and wattage, and you can obtain an EER by dividing the former by the latter. In this case, the Friedrich PH14B scores and EER of 9.5, which is great. Anything around a 10 (or greater) is what you want to see. Moreover, because this is a dual exhaust model, this EER is even more impressive, since the unit needs to work less than a single hose model anyway.

Powerful Dehumidifier

In addition to heating and cooling, the Friedrich PH14B also serves as powerful and efficient 72 pint/day dehumidifier. This is a great feature for those cool, but very soggy days where you need to dry up a space quickly.

Friedrich PH14B user reviews and ratings.User Reviews & Ratings

To date, the Friedrich PH14B has earned an impressive 4.1 out of 5.0 stars on This is a great approval rating, that is even more telling when you consider that this is a relatively pricey unit.

Among other things, user praised this model for extremely quick and powerful cooling (on user said it cooled an entire 800 square foot condo!), great digital controls, and confirmed that the self-evaporating system obviated the need for water draining. They also loved the heat pump function and the overall look and quality build of this unit. Others commented on the great energy efficiency for such a powerful portable air conditioner.

Price and Value

Currently available for the price of approximately $630 shipped, this is a slightly more expensive model than other 13,500 units, but it comes with so much more. When you consider that it is a dual-hose model (which are always more pricey) that also comes with a heat pump and has a 9.5 EER, you quickly realize that this is an outstanding deal! In this case, we think you are actually getting more than you what pay for!

Buy the Friedrich PH14B portable air conditioner with heat pump!Concluding Thoughts on the Friedrich PH14B

If you want to cool off a large room – and want to do it very quickly and efficiently – then the Friedrich PH14B 13500 BTU portable air conditioner with Heat Pump is an excellent choice. Yet, not only does this model deliver fast, cost-effective cooling and de-humidification, it also has a very efficient heat pump (not to be confused with simple heating elements!) and comes with sophisticated styling and Friedrich’s legendary build quality.

And while you may not need the heat pump right now, we can assure you it will become a lot more attractive as the winter approaches. In fact, this unit may become less than portable in your home – and function as a year round fixture that provides air comfort and significant savings (in the form of modest electricity bills) over its long operating-life.

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