Foscam FI9802w H.264 Outdoor IP Camera Review

Foscam FI9802w

Foscam FI9802W Outdoor IP Camera

Some camera manufacturers don’t learn from and improve on their technology – that is not Foscam. For a very powerful and greatly improved version of the FI8602W, check out the Foscam FI9802w H.264 Megapixel Outdoor Wireless IP Camera. For more information about this IP camera, please read on.

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Foscam is a leader in surveillance camera technology, and has some fantastic IP cameras out right now that are cutting edge, yet relatively affordable. However, one of our favorites at the moment is the new Foscam FI9802w H.264 Megapixel Outdoor Wireless IP Camera, which greatly improves upon the Foscam, FI8602W. But what’s so different about the FI9802w, besides the slightly higher price?

Quite simply, the FI9802w is a much better camera, on many fronts. This camera produces a superior, full HD (1280 x 720) picture that is remarkably sharp and clear; uses more Infrared LEDs for improved (50 meter) night vision capability; and has a wider 4mm lens, which provides a larger 54-degree viewing angle for surveilling more area. But that’s not all.

In addition, the FI9802w uses a much better, easier to navigate web interface than the previous version, which also includes all of the convenient features used in other, newer Foscam units, such as the FI8905w. Likewise, compatibility with popular web browsers has been significantly enhanced.

Like its predecessor, this camera also uses state-of-the-art H.264 video compression, which results in minimal use of bandwith resources, smoother feeding video, and smaller video files that permit longer recording times and more efficient data storage. This camera is also equipped with motion detection technology and uses a high-quality Sony Color Lens for accurate color rendering and vibrant image detail.

Further, as with IP cameras generally, the Foscam FI9802w is designed to be accessed remotely for internet viewing anywhere you can get to the web, including through the use of virtually all popular web-enabled smartphone models and their browsers, including Safari, for which no app is necessary.

Overall, we think Foscam’s FI9802w H.264 Megapixel Outdoor Wireless IP Camera is a far better model than its predecessor in terms of not only its superior full HD megapixel picture quality, but also its wider viewing angle, friendlier web interface and overall enhanced user experience. As such, the FI9802w delivers real 5-star value compared to the FI8602W, and is therefore easily worth the slightly higher price.

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