Flowtron Diplomat Bug Zapper Review

Flowtron diplomatNow that it’s warming up, flying insects are filling the evening skies across the country – and providing a real annoyance for some. One very high capacity bug zapper that promises to thin the ranks of these winged invaders for properties up to 2 acres in size is the Flowtron Diplomat Outdoor/Indoor Fly & Insect Control. While this mega bug zapper does in fact work, you need to be aware of its limitations – particularly its efficacy on killing mosquitoes. Please read on for more details and our opinions on what this model can do.

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The Flowtron Diplomat is not your typical bug zapper. This thing is large – really large – and uses a more powerful 120 watt UV light source to beckon legions of night/dusk-flying insects into its energized matrix where they are dispatched instantly with a satisfying snap – sometimes followed by a longer fizzzz. Dead insects then fall into a collecting tray for easy disposal.

The Diplomat can be mounted vertically and horizontally, making it easy to install and perfect for areas around the home plagued by flies, gnats and their kin. And although this unit is quite expensive for a zapper, it is actually pretty comparable when you consider its large 2-acre coverage area.

However, you need to be aware of one thing before buying – these zappers are of limited value for killing mosquitoes!  Let me explain.

Quiet obviously, bug zappers like the Diplomat work primarily by using UV light to attract insects, and this works very well, because there are many, many  insect species that seem compelled to collide with light sources. And while there is no perfect consensus among the scientific community as to exactly why this occurs, it’s generally believed that lights are used as a navigational reference by many insects, therefore confusing them to spiral into light sources and ultimately commit light-suicide.

zanzara_architetto_fran_03rOnly problem is, mosquitoes are just not that into lights! In fact, many studies have been performed to examine the efficacy of bug zappers, and they consistently find that, among the insects actually killed by these light-zappers, only about 4% of the total kill consisted of female mosquitoes – i.e., the flying blood-suckers most people are concerned about! This makes sense, of course, because female mosquitoes on the prowl are looking for victims not by using light, but through a complicated set of cues, primarily body heat, CO2 and other chemicals produced give off by juicy humans and other mammalian species.

Nevertheless, there are countless people that swear by their bug zappers, insisting that they kill mountains of mosquitoes – to which we say:  don’t be fooled by the remains of burnt insect carcasses that may look like mosquitoes. If you want something that is much better at targeting mosquitoes, we’d suggest you check out a unit like this, which is designed specifically to lure mosquitoes to their demise by burning propane to create a CO2 stream. Pretty clever, but even these are limited in their effectiveness.  Just remember, the best defense against mosquitoes is really a good DEET-based repellant.

Of course, having said all that, if you have a sizable property and just want to prevent annoying flying things from buzzing about your face outdoors, in barns or in other areas around the home, then by all accounts the Diplomat is your zapper. Heck, you are sure to zap at least some mosquitoes in the process. And for generally clearing the air, its a good buy. In addition to being huge, very bright and extremely potent, it’s very highly rated too, earning an average consumer satisfaction rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. As a result, we think it’s worth the extra layout compared to cheaper, but lesser zappers on the market.

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