Fleck 7000SXT 96K Water softener Review

Fleck 7000SXT Water softener 96,000 grain capacity


If you need a water softening system that is suitable for a large home and many users, then we suggest you put your money into a high quality, high-capacity unit like the Fleck 7000SXT Water softener with 96,000 grain capacity. For additional details about this robust whole house water softening system, please continue reading.

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If you are reading this review you are most likely aware that hard water is not simply a nuisance when it comes to bathing, washing dishes and clothes laundering.  Hard water can also cause the formation of limescale deposits that can ultimately compromise or kill hot water boilers, washing machines and other appliances, not to mention clog or causing the failure of plumbing generally.

Although it may be some consolation that you are in good company, since hard water problems affect many homes in the Western U.S., the question that remains is how best to treat it. Undoubtedly the most straightforward way is to purchase a good water softening system. To describe them simply, these systems function by taking the hard water minerals that can cause limescale, primarily calcium, and swap them out for minerals that do not, typically sodium. The capacity of the resin bed that handles this “ion exchange” is referred to by “grain” number.  The more grains the system is rated for, the more hard water it can soften.

Aside from grain capacity, it’s important to understand the system’s “regeneration” type. There are manual, time and meter-regenerated systems. Manual and time-regenerated systems have serious disadvantages; manual systems are tedious to operate and time-operated systems are inefficient because they regenerate on a fixed schedule regardless whether the system needs it, which results in more salt usage and higher operating costs. Metered systems are more optimal because they regenerate the bed based on your specific water usage; in other words, only when it’s precisely needed. As a result, you go through less salt and save more money.

Now, as far as a high-quality and high capacity water softening system that uses metered regeneration, one of the best options on the market today for our money is the Fleck 7000SXT Water softener with a 96,000 grain capacity.  Why?

The Fleck 7000SXT has an impressive 96,000 grain bed.  This hefty softening capacity is sufficient to handle all of the water outlets in even larger homes, and treat a high volume of very hard water. As in most things in life, it’s usually better to err on a larger, rather than smaller capacity water softener. Moreover, the 7000SXT’s digital metering system is cutting edge, and this model uses a modern LCD screen with easy touchpad controls for straightforward operation.

In addition, despite its large capacity, the Fleck 7000SXT is relatively simple to set up for the DIY crowd, although it may be easier to get a plumber, who can most likely get this system installed an running in just an hour or two.

Overall, for those battling moderate to very hard water and who need a robust system for larger homes and higher water volumes, we think the extra dollars spend on a first rate, high capacity system like the Fleck 7000SXT Water softener with 96,000 grain capacity is definitely money well spent.

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