FitDesk X1 Folding Exercise Bike Review

FitDesk X1 Folding Exercise Bike

FitDesk X1 

If you need to get in some exercise at home and want to stay occupied while you do so, the FitDesk X1 Folding Exercise Bike with Sliding Desk Platform is a great option that is reasonably priced and surprisingly well-built for a lightweight folding bike. To learn more about this interesting new desk-bike, please continue reading.

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Whether it’s because we as a society are becoming more obsessed with multi-tasking, or simply because working out on a stationary machine is plain boring, workout desks for treadmills and exercises bikes are becoming more and more popular. Fortunately, they are becoming better designed and more affordable at the same time.

For example, for a fantastic value in a folding bike-desk, we like the FitDesk X1 Folding Exercise Bike with Sliding Desk Platform.

The FitDesk X1 is first and foremost a compact, lightweight exercise bike. Even when fully extended for use, this bike occupies a small footprint of 16-inches in width, 24-inches in length, and 46-inches in height. It’s also refreshingly easy to move around, thanks to being just 40-pounds in weight. Despite its compact design, however, the X1 is quite sturdy and feels very solid. It’s rated to accommodate individuals ranging in height between 4 feet 10 inches and over 6 feet, and people who weigh up to 250 pounds.

This bike uses a weighted flywheel design and adjustable friction resistance system that is smooth, easy to use and predictable. And as a bonus for cross-training junkies, it’s fitted with arm bands that allow you to do various upper body exercises simultaneously, and also comes with squeeze-grips for a hand workout as well.

As its name suggests though, this bike is most notable for being equipped with a sliding desk platform that can easily accommodate a full sized laptop, reading materials or anything else you can possibly fiddle with while you ride. And these items quickly and securely fasten with a strap that ensure they remain where they are supposed to. Moreover, for those who do lots of typing, you’ll be happy to know that the desk is equipped with massage-roller arm rests that minimize arm strain and let you work – and workout – longer.

Other nice features of the FitDesk X1 are its comfortable seat; easy folding mechanism; and simple, yet functional performance meter/odometer that is powered by just two “AAA” batteries.

Finally, this relatively new bike has already earned a nearly perfect 5-star track record from users. In particular, purchasers routinely comment on how well-built and easy to assemble the X1 is, particularly given its modest price. They also appreciate how well it supports a full-sized laptop and how much comfort the arm rest massage rollers provide.

Overall, we also give the FitDesk X1 Folding Exercise Bike with Sliding Desk Platform five stars. In our view, for its relatively low price (currently selling for $300), it’s hard to beat the outstanding bang for the buck you get with this model:  it has a large desk area with ultra comfortable arm rests; it comes with arm resistance bands and hand grips for cross training; it’s fitted with a basic but sufficient performance monitor; it’s ultra-compact and lightweight, yet solidly-built; and it uses a weighted flywheel and adjustable resistance for a smooth, solid bike workout.

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