Fiskars 100770-1001 Fuse Die Cut & Letterpress Review

Fiskars 100770-1001The Fiskars 100770-1001 Fuse Die Cut & Letterpress is one of the best home-use die cutting machines on the market today.  If you are interested in a new die cutting machine, read on to see why.

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Craft projects are a great way to spend time with family and friends in the home. For example, making scrapbook pages, cards, custom envelopes, and other craft projects can be tons of fun and also save lots of money as well. To make these projects even easier and more rewarding, it is well worth the money to purchase a good die-cut machine to leave a professional-looking touch to your work.

One new die-cut machine that we believe is an outstanding buy in terms of quality, versatility and value is the Fiskars 100770-1001 Fuse Die Cut & Letterpress.

The Fiskars 100770-1001 goes far beyond basic die-cutting machines. This unit is touted as the only one currently on the market that cuts shapes, presses textured patterns and then inks those patterns in a single pass through the machine.

In addition, Fiskar’s “Fuse Creativity System” boasts a simplified plating system, the ability to use different crafting materials and inks with a single design set, and an Expansion Pack letterpress plates for almost infinite additional possibilities.  You can even purchase an optional adapter kit to allow you to use dies and embossing folders from other manufacturers with the Fiskars 100770-1001.

This die-cutting machine is well-built.  It feels very solid and heavy relative to others on the market, and it uses a hand-crank mechanism that is fairly easy to turn and works very efficiently. Accordingly, it is well-equipped to cut through relatively thick/dense materials, including leather, cork, foam and cardboard.  It also comes with a built-in handy storage compartment that is surprisingly roomy.

Further, with each purchase a Starter Kit is included.  This kit comes with Fiskar’s Fuse Creativity Machine, a cutting plate w/rubber mat, a base plate, design set for cutting thick materials, and (2) letterpress plates.

Overall, this is one of the most impressive home die-cutting machines that we have seen in a long time – for example, its heavy and sturdy design; ability to punch through heavier materials that would bog down others; and an expandable system that makes it able to use other manufacturers dies – are just some of the key features that set the Fiskars 100770-1001 Fuse Die Cut & Letterpress apart from the crowd.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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