Fire Sense Deluxe Patio Heater Review

Fire Sense Deluxe

Fire Sense Deluxe

To make your patio, deck or balcony more appealing to you and your guest during chilly weather, it’s hard to beat the performance, durability and sharp looks of the all-stainless steel Fire Sense Deluxe Patio Heater. For more information about this model, please keep reading.

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Regardless how beautiful your deck or patio may be, it’s not much good when it’s too cold for you and your visitors to venture out onto it. Fortunately, there are many patio heaters available to take the sting out of the cool days/nights and keep your gatherings warm. But not all are made to last.

In our view, one patio heater that is not only top notch and extremely well-made, but fits in well with modern décor, is the Fire Sense Deluxe Patio Heater.

First off, the Fire Sense Deluxe has a simple, yet modern and clean look. But make no mistake, this thing is extremely tough. This is probably because it’s encased in stainless steel – but not any stainless steel – this is ultra-high quality #304 steel, which is a chromium-nickel alloy steel that is more corrosion resistant and more durable (especially at very low temperatures) than ordinary steel. In fact, this is the very same type of material used in high-quality cookware and other demanding applications.

Moreover, this model produces lots of heat and is easy to use. At a height of nearly 7 and ½ feet and with high-quality stainless steel burners, the Fire Sense Deluxe’s 47,000 BTUs of heat can easily warm an area of roughly 18 feet in diameter (i.e., a 9-foot radius from the heater unit). That’s enough to cover at least to good-sized patio tables on either side of the heater.

Further, this patio heater comes with an easy Piezo ignition system that lights reliably and important safety features, including an auto-shutoff in the event the heater is accidentally tipped over.

Overall, we highly recommend the Fire Sense Deluxe Patio Heater, and think that it’s slightly higher price compared to the standard commercial-type heaters is easily worth it. The much higher grade stainless steel construction of the Fire Sense Deluxe alone justifies this additional cost, especially when you consider how much more durable and attractive it makes this unit.

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