Fenix LD41 520 Lumen Flashlight Review

If you are looking for a something to stuff into the stocking this year that is perfect for you or a loved one who enjoys the outdoors, then check out the new Fenix LD41 520 Lumen Flashlight.

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Flashlights are always a great thing to have handy, whether you are a hard-core camper/hiker or someone who simply likes to be prepared around the home.  Well, LED technology has truly revolutionized the flashlight industry and now hand-held torches are getting smaller and much more powerful, while using less energy at the same time. 

For example, take the new Fenix LD41 flashlight.  This little rocket of a flashlight is small enough to fit in your pants pocket and uses just (4) standard “AA” batteries.  However, on its brightest setting its advanced LED technology can deliver a whopping 520 lumens of intense light.  That would have been unheard of not very long ago.

Further, to extend the battery life, you can choose between six output settings, including a strobe and SOS setting if you get into a difficult situation. 

Indeed, while there are other flashlights currently on the market that provide more lumens, the LD41 in our view is the best model in terms of delivering combining a compact and lightweight design, while providing extremely bright light – particularly for a unit that’s powered by only 4 AA batteries.  And in addition to being a very comfortable model to hold and carry around, it´s very affordable compared to other hand-torches with this level of technology. 

Finally, another great advantage of the LD41 is that it´s AA batteries can be purchased anywhere, and cheaply at that.  Although lithium-ion batteries are great, they do die out in time and are very costly to replace when they do.  With the LD41, you can use rechargeable AAs if you like or simply buy new standard AAs at the local convenience store when necessary.  This is a huge plus, and ensures that the LD41 is not just affordable to purchase, but inexpensive to operate in the long run.

Overall, we at HGT are big fans of the Fenix LD41 520 Lumen Flashlight.  Indeed, with its exceptional power, compact size, affordable price and low cost to operate, you just can´t go wrong with this one.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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