Fellowes Powershred 63Cb Review

Fellowes Powershred 63CbFor those of us who are accumulating a junk pile of documents containing sensitive personal information, the Fellowes Powershred 63Cb 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder with Jam Blocker Technology is here.  Read on to see why this home / small office shredder is a smart buy.

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We all get them – you know, the annoying credit card and bank statements, and other mailings that seem to have plastered all over them our personal information, like social security number, bank/credit account numbers, etc. With this sensitive information, these documents – if they wound up in the wrong hands – could easily expose you to identity theft, and all of the horrible things that can flow from that.

One common way that sensitive documents are intercepted by identity thieves is by not properly destroying them before they go into the trash or recycle bin. Unfortunately, most of us tend to let these documents accumulate over time and, when the day comes to get rid of them, many of us resort to tearing/shredding them by hand. Unless you have super-human attention to detail, fingers that feel no pain, and many hours with nothing to do, your hand-shredding will likely be insufficient to prevent a determined criminal from reconstructing your old tax return.

A better way to clean up your old files is to purchase a solid paper shredder – for example, like the Fellowes Powershred 63Cb 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder with Jam Blocker Technology.

The Powershred 63Cb provides peace of mind by using an advanced cross-cut technology that can dice 10 sheets of paper at once down to a small size (2 x 5/32”) sufficient to be designated as a Security Level 3 shredder.  This is the same security level generally recommended for businesses disposing of personal and/or proprietary information.

In addition, the Powershred 63Cb comes with other features that are designed with the user in mind, such as Safe Sense Technology, which shuts down the shredder when the paper opening is touched; an Energy Savings System that provides heightened energy efficiency; Jam Blocker Technology to avoid annoying interruptions of your shredding jobs; and a large 5-gallon receptacle bin that’s easy to remove and replace.  Each Powershred 63Cb is also backed by a 1-year product warranty and a 5-year warranty on the cutting mechanism.

All in all, the Fellowes Powershred 63Cb 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is a great personal / small office shredder that is well-suited for light to moderate use. Please note that this unit is not built for continuous duty; it can shred for up 8 minutes, after which a 20 minute cool down period kicks in to ensure the shredder does not overheat.   Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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