Euroflex Monster SC50 Review

The Euroflex Monster SC50 Heavy-Duty Dry-Steam Hand-Held Multipurpose 1450-Watt Steam Cleaner and Sanitizer is a powerful cleaner/sanitizer that can keep your home spot free, and even serve as a very effective weapon against the notoriously hard-to-kill bedbug.

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Steam cleaners are not just for removing/deep cleaning treatment for stains, they are also very useful for sterilizing the home, and killing bedbugs (which die at high temperatures) – a pest that seems to be on the rise everywhere.  Given their popularity, there are many models to chose from these days. However, the Monster SC50 has some beefier specifications that we feel set it apart from other models.

First and foremost, the Monster SC50 is particularly powerful. It comes with a stainless steel boiler powered by 1,450 watts, which produces 3.8 bar pressure and superheated dry steam that reaches 266 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the unit is highly portable and easy to use with ordinary tap water. It can even work for up to 5 minutes unplugged. With each unit comes a set of professional steam accessories, a fixed steam hose, a shoulder strap, extension tubes, a nylon/copper brush, a floor brush, a micro-brush, and a filler funnel.

This unit has many applications. Of course, it is excellent for cleaning all kinds of surfaces without chemicals. For instance, this unit will work well on dirt, grime, mildew, grease and mold, whether you find this on hard floors, carpets, counter-tops, jewels, upholstery, etc. You can even clean and deodorize boots, shoes, windows, or defrost your freezer.  The list goes on and on.

However, due to its exceptional power, the Monster SC50 is being utilized more and more for killing bed bugs. Indeed, users are routinely commenting that by using this model they have been able to successfully salvage furniture and deep sterilize mattresses and box springs they thought were destined for the trash.  We applaud this use, and highly encourage chemical-free means to deal with the rising bed bug scourge.  We can think of no better chemical-free method to deal with bed bugs than using superheated steam.

Regardless, whatever your intended use, with the very modest price tag of this unit, we encourage you to check it out for yourself. We are very confident that you will not be disappointed.

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