Epson V11H499020 Review

31TGNeLFl7LFor a great new LCD projector that is getting rave reviews for being easy to use and delivering a super bright and clear picture with good 2D/3D functionality, do yourself a favor and take a look at the Epson V11H499020 Home Cinema 750HD 2D/3D 720p 3LCD Projector. For key product information and features, and our take on this hot new projector, please continue reading.

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Many consumers shopping for a projector get hung up in the minutia, and this is understandable. With so many features and technical terms it’s easy to forget what you actually care about. That’s why we are fond of the Epson V11H499020.

The V11H499020 is built to wow you – and it does. First off, with its 3LCD 3-chip system, it renders an incredibly bright picture, with white and color brightness ratings of 3,000 lumens. This very high color brightness rating is particularly impressive. Many projectors don’t list color brightness, only white brightness. This is unfortunate, because white brightness is only half the story. Projectors with good white brightness but low color brightness typically produce a somewhat muted that lacks vibrancy, sharp details, and renders inaccurate skin tones.

As far as resolution, its solid – 720p HD to be precise. And while some may turn their nose up at anything less than 1080p, we can are fairly confident that could not tell the difference, and would likely prefer the Epson over many 1080p projectors for image quality overall.

516GDrO3QCL_002The V11H499020 also produces a large picture and is extremely easy to set up and use, which is something unusual for most 2D/3D projectors. Specifically, it can generate an image up to 300 inches in size for big-time movie watching and gaming that will mesmerize as much as entertain.

Another great thing about this projector is that it comes with a fairly short throw distance, and you don’t have to fuss when setting it up, even if you are using it at an angle. “Throw” distance is the space needed between the screen and projector necessary to project an image of a certain size. Most typical projectors have a throw ratio of around 2.0, meaning that for every foot or inch of image size, the projector must be backed up 2X this distance. For example, for a 24 inch picture, you would need to set the projector 48 inches away from the screen.

However, the Epson V11H499020 has a throw ratio of 1.3 to 1.56 (depending on zoom). We’ve plugged these ratios into our throw distance calculator below to help you determine precisely how much throw distance you would need on min/max zoom settings. All figures are calculated in inches.

But a show-stopping big picture, short throw distance and easy set up are not all of this model’s perks. Here are some additional features that make it a good bet:

  • Lightweight – at just 5.1 lbs, you can bring this almost anywhere for instant big-screen entertainment.
  • High contrast ratio – at 5,000:1 CR, you will not be missing the finer points of movies or gaming
  • Color modes – you have your choice among four, including video game and TV program settings for bright rooms
  • Easy connectivity – use an HDMI cable for both audio/video
  • 3D entertainment – Watch movies and game in both 2D and 3D
  • High quality 3D glasses included – each purchase comes with a pair of RF 3D glasses & charging cable

ScreenHunter_13 May. 15 11.34Oh, and the Epson V11H499020 reviews – the average consumer satisfaction rating on this model is currently 4.7 out of 5 stars, with nearly all of these ratings 5 star. In general, users were blown away by the bright and vivid picture of the V11H499020; its 3D capability; and how easy it was to set up in the room. The lowest rating (3-stars) came from a user who indicated that for some reason the 3D capability was not working for his gaming, which we found odd. Nevertheless, this user still agreed it produced a large, bright picture and was extremely easy to use.  Read the reviews for yourself if you’d like, here.

What else can we say? Overall, if you want an extremely large, bright and sharp 2D/3D HD picture that can be projected in a tight space and with minimal placement/setup fuss, then the Epson V11H499020 is our natural 5-star choice.

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