Enviromate GO E20 Review

Steam cleaners are wonderful for cleaning and sanitizing the home. Among the various models on the market, the Enviromate GO E20 is a powerful steam cleaner that is growing in popularity, for good reason.

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It’s better to ask what a good steam cleaner can’t do.  They can remove stains from all kinds of surfaces, and clean fabrics, dishware, jewelry, kitchen and bathroom surfaces. They can deodorize carpeting and upholstery, and even eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, dust mites, and even kill the notoriously hard-to-kill bedbug, all without chemicals, poisons or noxious fumes.

Given the tremendous versatility of steam cleaners, it’s no wonder that there are many to choose from lately. However, one new model that is getting a lot of attention for its performance and design is the Italian-made Enviromate GO E20.

The GO E20 comes with impressive specifications for a home steam cleaner.  Foremost, it’s very powerful – its 1,700 watt boiler generates an impressive 70 psi of steam pressure and 245 degree F water (temperature at the tip of the hose) that is perfect for the most difficult stains.  Moreover, this steam pressure can be adjusted via a pressure gauge on the unit.  The boiler is stainless steel and holds 2 liters of water. The unit comes with, over-sized wheels for easy maneuverability, a detachable 9.6-foot steam hose, and a 14-piece accessory kit.  The unit comes fully assembled, and with a 5-year warranty.

This is a powerful and well-built steam cleaner that can handle tough applications, including bed bug eradication.  These nasty buggers seem to be on the rise everywhere, and steam is the perfect silver bullet to kill them. Moreover, killing these and other unwanted pests/pathogens with the GO E20 is far more preferable than using harsh chemicals and poisons.  Indeed, steam cleaning is a safe and environmentally sound method that we wholeheartedly endorse here at HGT.

The ultimate test of this model is in its user satisfaction – and users absolutely love the GO E20.  We do too – the Enviromate GO E20 is a stylish, well-built, and powerful steam cleaner that can clean your home, and also make it safer and more comfortable to live in as well.

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