EnterTech MagicSing ET-23KH HD Karaoke System Review

EnterTech MagicSing ET-23KH HD Karaoke System


If you’re shopping for a high quality, complete karaoke machine that will get the party started right – and in the comfort of your own home, then look no further than the EnterTech MagicSing ET-23KH HD Karaoke System. For more information about this cutting edge HD karaoke system, please continue reading.

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There are few things that bring so much silly enjoyment as karaoke. And while many of us grudgingly participate, virtually everyone has a good time once they do, regardless of how great they actually sound singing. And while going to a karaoke bar can be fun, it can get expensive and there is no reason why you can’t just as well bring the party back into your own home.

Karaoke packages run the gamut of prices and complexity, but if you are looking for a truly impressive karaoke experience that will get your guests wailing away, we suggest you consider a premium package, like the EnterTech MagicSing ET-23KH HD Karaoke System.

EnterTech has been producing some very popular home systems lately, and the MagicSing ET-23KH is its most impressive yet. The MagicSing ET-23KH is a truly next-generation machine that comes with two wireless microphones and HDMI / USB connectivity to project HD pictures and video backgrounds onto your computer or HDTV, and allow you to record your own song tracks back onto your PC so you can enjoy your handiwork in the future.

Further, this unit produces rich sound quality and comes pre-programmed with over 2,000 songs built in, so you should have more than enough tunes to choose from, even for the pickiest guests. And if you ever run out, this system is expandable with optional song chips for even more tunes.

Each MagicSing ET-23KH comes with everything you need to start rocking away, right out of the box, including two wireless microphones, a carrying bag for easy portability, the main pedestal station, an HDMI cable, song list, a remote control, a USB cable, a power adapter, and fresh batteries.

Overall, while there are certainly cheaper karaoke machines available, if you are a true karaoke fan, and would like to throw serious karaoke parties in your own home, we think the EnterTech MagicSing ET-23KH HD Karaoke System is definitely worth the additional price, and will easily pay for itself in the form of countless hours of fun with family and friends.

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