Electrolux EL7070A UtraOne Review

Electrolux’s new EL707A UltraOne model is a powerful canister vacuum that comes with an advanced noise-reduction system and high-quality HEPA filtration unit that set it apart from the crowd of competitors.

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Electrolux needs no introduction, given its legendary status in the home appliance industry, and it continues to produce great new vacuum technology year after year.  More recently, it has come out with the EL707A UltraOne Canister Vacuum, which is packed full of interesting, cutting edge features.

One of the most innovative features of the EL7070A is its Silent Air Technology, which makes it an extremely quiet canister vacuum. Unlike most brands you will find, this model purrs thanks to a double-hull construction and sound absorbing technology. As such, you do not need to endure the loud whizzing of other conventional models, and you may even need to check it every now and then to be sure that it’s still running!  In addition, the EL7070A comes with a completely sealed HEPA filtration system, with washable filter material, which retains 99.7 percent of particles 0.3 microns or larger. This is a huge bonus, particularly in light of the EPA’s findings that fine particulate matter is linked to a variety of adverse health effects, such as chronic bronchitis and aggravated asthma.  Further, the EL707A generates lots of suction. It is equipped with a 12 amp motor that has the horsepower to suck up relatively heavy and stubborn dirt, dust, pet hair, etc.

Finally, the unit is built for ease of use and maneuverability. It comes with an ergonomic soft touch handle, automatic cord rewind, gel wheels for smooth and variable motion, a deep clean power head, motorized brushroll, 5 level speed control, and an AeroPro power nozzle designed for all kinds of surfaces.

We like Electrolux vacuums, especially given their long track record of quality and durability, and find the UltraOne EL707A to be another great new canister vacuum model. All in all, this unit’s power, advanced filtration system, and unusually quiet operation make it a stand out amongst its competitors. Moreover, it has a nice copper finish and clean design to boot.  Accordingly, we give the UltraOne EL707A two thumbs up.

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