Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan Review

Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan ReviewIf you can afford it, the Dyson AM08 Air Multiplier Pedestal Fan is an undeniably “cool” gadget that works more efficiently and quietly than its predecessor. But what else should you know about it, and is it worth the stiff price relative to other best-selling pedestal fans?

Please read on as we take a closer peak at this futuristic “air multiplier”.

AM08 Air Multiplier Specifications – Overview

Clearly not your typical fan by any stretch of the imagination, the Dyson AM08 is an improvement of its existing “Air Multiplier” technology, which creates a strong, steady flow of air through a ring-like aperture. The benefits of this type of air delivery system are several. First, it is relatively energy efficient. Big traditional fans need big blades to move air – this creates substantial noise. Second, big blades cause more resistance, which most be overcome by big electrical motors – this requires substantially more electricity and also generates additional noise. Third, using blades to push air results in a variable, choppy airflow, which sometimes results in too much, or too little air where it’s needed.

Notably, this generation of the pedestal fan is reportedly 35% quieter than the previous AM03 pedestal fan.

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In addition to using technology that produces a consistent and powerful flow of air with less electricity and noise, this is a very sharp-looking and contemporary home appliance that is built with the user in mind. The AM08 can be controlled via a total of 10 airflow settings, and it also comes with a sleep timer function that can be used to run the fan for 15 minutes up to 9 hours. Moreover, these settings can be adjusted from your armchair with a stylish and compact remote control that is designed to stick (through magnetism) to the unit and blend in with the appliance when not in use.

Finally, without the hassle of typical fan blades and a wire cage needed to house them safely, you don’t have the normal build up of gunk to deal with. And when you do want to clean off the AM08, all you need to do is quickly wipe it down with a cloth.

Price & Value

If you’ve considered any Dyson appliance, you already know that you are paying a premium for truly cutting edge technology. The same applies here. Currently selling for just over $400, there are many tradtional pedestal fans that can do the job more cheaply; however, none are going to give you the efficiency, low-noise operation, consistently strong airflow and the undeniable contemporary style and engineering of the Dyson. Bottom line: if you can afford this fan and appreciate high-tech home appliances, it’s money well spent in our book.

Concluding Thoughts

While not for the budget-constrained, the Dyson AM08 Air Multiplier Pedestal Fan is an unusually innovative unit that keeps ahead of look-alikes with ever quieter operation, unparalleled styling, and outstanding efficiency relative to the amount of air this fan moves. Of course, if you are looking for something capable and less expensive, you have many options, but the Dyson AM08 is still king of the hill as far as bladeless fan technology goes, and this is not likely to change anytime soon in our view. In short, a fun yet practical choice for the high-tech gadget-lover.

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