DuroMax XP4400EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator Review

DuroMax XP4400EH Dual Fuel

If you need portable, reliable power, and want a model that is easy to use with both gas and liquid propane, the brand new DuroMax XP4400EH 4,400 Watt 7.0 HP Dual Fuel Propane / Gas Powered Portable Electric Start Generator is hard to beat.  Read on to see what makes this generator not your average model.

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There are a lot of portable generators out there on the market these days, and for good reason.  Having your own portable power source is critical when you live off the grid, or in areas that are plagued with power outages or otherwise unreliable connectivity.  As far as the newer models out there, the DuroMax XP4400EH comes with lots of features and offers unusual flexibility in terms of fuel inputs.

This 7.0 HP model will run on standard gasoline, like other generators; however, within seconds its can be switched to run on liquid propane, which is much cleaner-burning and can double the generator’s run time. A flexible line is included so that pretty much any sized propane tank can be used to run the generator, even tanks used for gas barbeques. Moreover, when using propane, you don’t need to fear choking out / fouling of the generator’s carburetor, which makes the DuroMax XP4400EH start and run very reliably. This generator also comes with an electric start, an ultra-quiet muffler to reduce engine noise, a low-oil auto shutoff, and a full power panel with volt meter, circuit breaker, 120 Volt 20a 3-prong outlets and a 120v/240v 30a twist-lock outlet.

Using standard gasoline only, the DuroMax XP4400EH will run at 50% of maximum output for approximately 8 hours on a full 4 gallon tank.  With propane, it can run for 20 hours – this is truly remarkable. It delivers 3,500 running watts and a maximum of 4,400 surge (or starting) watts.

Overall, if you need a portable generator, the the DuroMax XP4400EH is very difficult to top:  it can be easily switched to run on liquid propane; it has an extraordinarily long run time when fueled with propane; it comes with a reliable electric start and non-fouling carburetor; and, most importantly, can generate lots of electricity for running key appliances and tools.  Moreover, it’s particularly affordable given its power output and hybrid dual-fuel design.  Consequently, the DuroMax XP4400EH not only a smart choice – it’s an economical one as well.

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