Dualit 83830 Professional Electric Blender Review

Dualit 83830 Professional Blender

Dualit 83830 Professional

Looking for an ultra-high quality blender that won’t require you to liquidate your retirement savings? The Dualit 83830 Professional Electric Blender is now available and is currently selling for nearly 40% under its MSRP. For information about this very hot blender and what we think about it, please read on.

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I admit, it’s hard to get your head around some of the price tags on high-end blenders. Can they really be that much better? Well, in many cases, the truth is they are, and the cliché you get what you pay for does in fact apply here. Professional blenders are much more powerful, come with motors that last longer and resist burn out, and are overall stronger and more reliable. The result is that you can blend, chop or crush more food/beverage items, more effectively and without fear of breakage.

Fortunately, there are some professional-level blenders that you can nab at a steep discount from time to time, like the Dualit 83830 Professional Electric Blender. This model is currently on sale for less than 2/3 of its list price, although we don’t know how long this will last.

The Dualit 83830 is all business. As far as power, there’s no shortage here – it’s equipped with a powerful 700 watt motor and an innovative VortecS mixing technology that uses a six-pronged cutting blade. This makes the 83830 able to easily crush ice or power through dense/fibrous mixes that would bog down or burn out your average blender. And with respect to functions, those are covered too. It has a total of seven controls, including manual pulse and auto settings, in addition to four mixing speeds to dial in the correct RPM for your needs.

We also like its large, 2-liter Triton jar, which is much lighter than glass and is shatterproof. It’s also perfectly dishwasher safe as well.

Overall, there is not much more you can ask for in a professional-level blender – the Dualit 83830 is very powerful; comes with a good array of controls to handle virtually any application; uses a premium dishwasher safe jar; and is currently selling at a 38% discount of its normal list price. We say jump on this 5-star deal while you can.

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