Drill Doctor DD750X-KP CRKT Drill Bit Sharpener Review

Those who are serious about home improvement or construction work know how important it is to have sharp drill bits on hand.  They also recognize the savings in being able to sharpen and reuse old bits.  One hot new product that allows you to sharpen and reuse even broken bits is the Drill Doctor DD750X-KP CRKT Drill Bit Sharpener.

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If you work with drills routinely, you most likely already know that using a dull drill bit slows you down, reduces the quality of your work, can destroy your building materials and creates extra work for your drill, thereby shortening its life.  In addition, you are probably also aware of how easy it is to break even high quality drill bits, and the continual expense of replacing them. Finally, if you have ever tried, you definitely can appreciate just how difficult it is to sharpen the curved edges of drill bit, compared to the flat cutting surface of a knife.

Fortunately, there is a new product on the market that can quickly bring old bits – even broken ones – back to life and make them wonderfully sharp:  the Drill Doctor DD750X-KP CRKT Drill Bit Sharpener.

The Drill Doctor DD750X-KP is simple to use.  Just align your bit against the stop, lock it in place and sharpen it by turning the chuck an even number of half-turns, according to the size of your bit.  With its long jaws that hold your bit firmly and precisely aligned, the unit ensures proper sharpening geometry so that a perfectly angled cutting surface is achieved.

Further, after you sharpen your bit, the DD750X-KP has an added, optional feature; it allows you to add a “Back-Cut” split-point that creates a more narrowed chisel point, which helps you more quickly penetrate material and reduces the bit-wandering that can cause costly material damage.  To recover broken bits, the drill point splitting port has an adjustable material take-off feature that can be used with large to very small bits.

The DD750X-KP uses an industrial-strength diamond sharpening wheel that can handle various drill bit types, including cobalt, TiN-coated, high-speed steel, carbide, masonry, and split-point bits for metal work.

Overall, we really like the Drill Doctor DD750X-KP CRKT Drill Bit Sharpener.  It hones old bits and recovers broken ones, and can put an extra chisel point on them for additional efficiency. The savings alone for those who do a lot of drilling is worth the price of this unit; however, this unit is also practical in that it makes your work easier and more professional looking, with less waste of raw material.   Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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