Definitive Technology SoloCinema XTR Review

If you want the bone-jarring power of a 450-watt full home theater audio system, without the unsightly tangle of wires and bulky components, you should seriously consider the new and cutting edge Definitive Technology SoloCinema XTR Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer System.

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Component home theater audio systems were the usual choice of those seeking a truly powerful and moving acoustical experience. However, sound bar systems are becoming increasingly powerful, and are starting to rival the most advanced component systems out there. Moreover, they are doing so while becoming thinner and more pleasing to the eye.

Take for example Definitive Technology’s SoloCinema XTR Sound Bar System. This is not your average sound bar. This is an ultra-slim, 2-3/8” deep 200-watt amplified sound bar with a 250-watt wireless subwoofer that produces a total of 450 watts of spine-tingling sound.

The SoloCinema produces true, high-definition 5-channel sound, with dedicated speakers for each of the 5 channels to create a three dimensional sound experience that is enhanced by Definitive Technology’s patented Spatial Array technology combined with SRS TruSurround algorithms. Further, because the SoloCinema supports “lossless” surround formats and is compatible with Dolby, TrueHD and DTS-HD, you will be hearing the same quality of sound as that produced for the original studio master recording.

The sound bar uses six patent-pending XTDD aluminum dome midrange drivers engineered via computer modeling to maximize the moving surface area while remaining as compact as possible. The bar also has three aluminum dome tweeters that use the same design found in Definitive Technology’s much larger floor standing speakers. Additionally, each driver and tweeter is powered by its own dedicated digital amplifier, which, in the aggregate, total 200 watts of power – enough to make the unit’s high-impact, low distortion sound penetrate deep into your gut, even in the largest rooms. The wireless subwoofer with this unit is no less powerful. Just a mere eight inches in size, it draws an impressive 250 watts, which is sufficient to make your neighbors’ floor shake.

Fortunately, despite all of this cutting edge technology, the SoloCinema XTR is easy to set up. It comes with the usual panoply of HDMI, digital optical and analog inputs so you can quickly connect your Blu-Ray player, cable/satellite receiver and games. In addition, the remote included with the unit is incredibly slick. Using convex and concave controls, the remote is designed to be operated with a finger glide movement that makes for easy incremental adjustment, even in total darkness.

We could go on and on about the specs and engineering that’s gone into the SoloCinema, but it would still boil down to this – Definitive Technology’s SoloCinema XTR Sound Bar System is at the leading edge of sound bar technology, and has the power, features and ultra compact design to rival, if not surpass, most of the high-end component systems on the market today.

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