Defender 21116 PRO Sentinel Review

If you’re looking to jump right into high-quality professional-level home/business surveillance with an affordable kit that gives you cutting edge power and technology, then we suggest you take a look at the Defender 21116 PRO Sentinel 16-Channel Smart Security DVR with 8 Hi-Resolution Outdoor Security Cameras. For more information about this surveillance package and what we think about it, please keep reading.

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Some of the newest and most exciting surveillance systems coming out lately are from Defender, particularly the Sentinel series. And among that series, we are very partial to the Defender 21116 PRO Sentinel package, which comes with a high quality 16-channel DVR and 8 Hi-res outdoor cameras.

The specs on each of these components are very solid.

First off, the DVR is cutting edge, coming with modern H.264 compression technology, motion activated technology, and a large 1 TB hard drive. With this kind of powerful compression ratio and drive space, you can record gobs of video – according to Defender, even up to four years’ worth!  And when the drive does fill up, it alerts you so you can easily pull off your data via a simple USB flash or separate USB hard drive. It really doesn’t get any easier.

ScreenHunter_05 May. 05 09.18As far as the 8 outdoor cameras, these won’t disappoint either. They boast 600 TV lines of resolution, which is very sharp for any camera and means you can expect very clear and detailed video. Moreover, at times when ambient lighting is poor, the cameras’ integrated infrared filter will trigger, enhancing the image by cleaning up picture colors, thus making the yellows, blacks, reds and greens render true to life, regardless how grey it may be outside. This feature is vitally important for ensuring accurate identification in the event it’s needed.

hi-resThe unit’s infrared night vision is also excellent, allowing you project into darkness up to 110 feet away from the camera. This is due to the cameras 38 infrared LED diodes that instantly activate in dim or night conditions to make sure that the cover of darkness provides no cover at all.

You also need not fear about the elements – these cameras are all-weather designed, composed of heavy-duty anodized aluminum. In fact, they have what’s called an IP65 rating – an “Ingress Protection” rating that means these cameras can withstand dust, severe weather and other things Mother Nature cares to throw much better than your typical outdoor cam. Further, each package comes with 65 feet’ worth of premium fire-rated cables and adjustable camera wall mounts with an integrated anti-vandal bracket that protects the unit’s vulnerable wiring.

Finally, this system is easy to set up and use, and if you want to expand, can ultimately permit simultaneous viewing of up to 16 cameras mounted around your home, estate or business.

Overall, we think that the Defender 21116 PRO system provides extremely good bang for your buck. In particular, the great 16-channel DVR, high-quality all-weather cameras with night vision, and easy installation and expandability of this package makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to instantly add a professional-level security system around the home or business.

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