Danby DKC5811BSL Review

Portable keg coolers are a great idea and lots of fun. However, the Danby DKC5811BSL takes this concept and goes a step further by creating a stylish and versatile cooler that can also function as a 5.8 cubic foot fridge.

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There are many at HGT that believe the most important discovery made by mankind was the indoor keg cooler! OK, seriously, these things are indeed fantastic for watching sports events, throwing house parties, or simply enjoying the superior taste and finish of beer from an ice-cold keg. And given the benefits of keg beer, it’s not surprising that there are many portable keg cooler models hitting the market.  Among the various manufacturers out there, Danby is one of the more recognized names, as it’s had a long history in the refrigeration/cooling industry.

Among Danby’s newer models is the DKC5811BSL Stainless Steel Keg Cooler. With its 5.8 cubic feet of capacity, the DKC5811BSL can hold a pony or full-sized keg. It utilizes a mechanical thermostat and comes with a CO2 tank, drip tray, chrome guard rail and other accessories. Of course, it’s all wrapped up in an attractive, spotless steel finish. Among its other features are a reversible door hinge and wire shelving. The unit weighs 113 pounds and its dimensions are 24 inches deep, 24.25 inches wide, and 35.1 inches high. It runs on 120 volts / 140 watts.

Notably, the DKC5811BSL  can also be converted to a 5.8 cubic foot refrigerator. Consequently, if there is no big game or parties in sight, you can use this unit as any other refrigerator.

Overall, we like the clean look, capacity, features and versatility of the DKC5811BSL.  If you are in the market for a stainless steel, portable keg cooler that can hold a full-size keg, and also double as a 5.8 cubic foot fridge, this is a good choice for any home or indoor space.

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